Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Still sick.  Didn't go to my group run tonight.  I hate being sick.  Not so much because of missing workouts (although that DOES suck), but because of the indecision and thinking all the time about whether I should do them or not.  Tonight I'm still thinking I should workout, even though I called in sick to work.  I had 6 miles on the schedule for Tuesday, I was thinking I could just do it on the treadmill (to stay out of the cold air) and break it into four 1.5 mile segments of slow jogging, with strength training in between each, since I really need to get on that due to my back pain.  I'm wheezing and my lungs are rattly and I have a bad cough and a runny nose, but other than that I don't think I feel too terrible.  Is skipping working out just lazy?  Or is trying to do it dumb and pushing too hard?  I never know.  I guess I suck at "listening to my body".  I already missed 6 miles this week on Sunday.

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