Sunday, March 11, 2012

Headlight Free is the Way to Be

Happy Daylight Saving Time everyone!  What a great day.  It's a great day to be night-shifter.  Instead of losing an hour of sleep, I lost an hour of WORK.  And we still got paid for 8 hours, which I thought was strange considering they pay us an hour of OT for fall-back.  Not that I'm complaining.

Even better than that, I woke up at 6pm today to sunshine and 60 degrees!  Left at 6:30pm for a 6 miler and it was daylight the WHOLE TIME.  No headlight, no reflective gear.  Oh, and I got to wear shorts!  Win.  I also got to style my Buff in a summer fashion (instead of the winter hat, balaclava, or flu-season snot-mitten).  I call it "Ponytail Pirate".  Officially I think it's just the "Pirate", but I feel obligated to honor the fact that it has a perfect little hole for my ponytail. I didn't invent this one.  The instructions came with it.  I still haven't washed the stupid thing since before snot-mitten yesterday, but I promise I will before I use it again.  Well, "promise" is a strong word.  Maybe I'll just buy a few extras.  They have so many design options to choose from.  Wow, I'm like a giant buff-advertisement blog.  Sorry for that.   It's just that it's relatively new to me and the novelty hasn't worn off yet.  Okay, there, I'm over it.  Anyway, it doesn't work as well on sweat as my Halo headbands do, so it probably won't be getting that much use now that it's getting warmer.  MVP song  (MVS?)  for today's run, "What Doesn't Kill You" - Kelly Clarkson.  I know, I'm such a girl sometimes.  Not that often though.   My quads are pretty sore from the hills on the 12-miler yesterday.  Pretty sure Coach Gina hit 90% of the hills in Ann Arbor.  Not that that's unusual for her.  Still a little sore, even after the shakeout 6 miles, but in a good way. 

Also, I'm jealous of everybody that got to race today.  Shamrocks & Shenanigans was this morning in downtown Ann Arbor, and the Corktown Race was also today.  I know people who did each.  On the topic of races, I am embarrassed to say that I have never volunteered at a race.  I need to get on that.  I could have potentially volunteered at Shamrocks today if I had realized it was such a late start (9:30am).  Maybe next year.  Or maybe I could volunteer at Big House Big Heart since it is the day after my half-marathon and I probably won't be up for racing. 

Now, some random thoughts and a random photo to close for today.  A pro and a con of my new (manual transmission) car:  Pro:  Easy to adhere to my resolution to not eat in it, since I do only city driving and have to shift constantly and would get mayo on the cd player.  Con: I'm going to fry the parking brake b/c I keep forgetting that it's set.  I had a footlong subway veggie sub on flatbread and 2 of their amazing double chocolate cookies for dinner after my run today.   Yum.  And here is a picture of my cats.  Awww. 


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      1. Will do...tomorrow. I have to head out for work right now.


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