Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot and Fluffy

I stole that title from Gabriel Iglesias' comedy skit.  I hope it wasn't trademark or copyright infringement or something.

HOT.  Is what my run was yesterday.  I went out for 6 and didn't do my 1st choice route because I knew I would need water.  So I went down in to Gallup park so I could hit the water fountain in the bathroom (2 miles, water, 2 miles, water, 2 miles, home. )  I didn't check the weather in advance, but it had to have been more than 75. 

I had to wear skimpy summer running clothes...which brings me to the FLUFFY.  I seriously need to eat less crap and lose some weight.  Bonus: I would probably be faster, and it would be less load on my hips and knees or whatever other location is planning on giving me pain.   Of course I said that, but then I went out and stuffed my face with sushi for dinner.  I know sushi *sounds* healthy and low calorie, and it used to be when we went out, but nowadays we seem to get all the rolls with cream cheese on the inside and deep fried on the outside.  Delicious, but not so much healthy.  Then I went to Amer's today for lunch and had a bowl of ice cream from their bar that was nicely loaded with toppings (all the chocolatey and peanut butter ones).  It was amazing.  Screw losing weight.  I like eating crap.

Anyway, the combo of sunshine and tank top led to an almost sunburn on my left shoulder.  It looks redder in real life.  Don't mind my freckles.  The picture is kind of at a weird angle, so in case it's not clear, that is my left shoulder, taken from the left side.

As for the run yesterday, I ended up with a nasty side cramp around mile 4 that I couldn't shake and ended up walking about 1/4 mile (with my GPS stopped, so it didn't even show up on my workout log.  I don't care if that's cheating).  I can't believe I'm still coughing up crap from the flu.  I hope it doesn't slow me down *too* much tomorrow, but I'm not optimistic.  I'm trying to cough everything up that I can today to get rid of it for the race tomorrow.  I feel back to 100%, it's just that there is still some leftovers in my lungs that rattle now and then and need to be expelled.  Fun stuff.  I'm pretty sure gunk in the lungs can't be good for gas exchange and will probably hurt my performance a little bit.  So I won't be upset if I don't PR.  My dad is in town, so I have a cheerleader for the race tomorrow.  I only wish I was feeling faster and less phlegm-y.

I just made my race playlist.  Here's the spotify link, but if you don't have spotify and/or don't want to install it, here's a screen grab:
Not necessarily in this order...I'll probably put it on shuffle. 

Happy 3 year anniversary to my husband today, and happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone else! 
Our "wedding" photo, from March 17, 2009.  Signing away our freedom :) 

I was going to post some kind of St. Patrick's day photo too, but I kind of hate St. Patrick's day. Except the anniversary part.  But all the drunken idiots kind of tick me off.  (I made the mistake of going downtown or on campus twice today)

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