Friday, March 2, 2012

Races and Ruins

Wednesday I ran the Leap Year 4 miler in New Boston, MI, with some people from the A2Runners meetup group. It was a fun race. Very dark, very foggy, and a little rainy, but fun. (It was at 6:30pm on a Wednesday night, so very unusual). The registration was cheap, and we actually got SWEATSHIRTS instead of t-shirts. (I'm used to short sleeved cotton tees as the norm, and long-sleeved tech shirts for the nicer/more expensive races, but a sweatshirt is quite unique. )

Now a moment to give credit where credit is due. I'm lazy and went scouring the internet looking for photos of the sweatshirt so I wouldn't have to take my own. The source of the photo to the left is Can I just tell you that I love this girl (who I've never met or heard of prior to today)? I run for cookies too! And use And snack on graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I also found another blog that belongs to a girl that ran this race: She is in my age group and was just one place ahead of me. All three of us were pretty similar in pace. I see a blooming rivalry shaping up :), whether they know it or not. Kind of like when I race people in the park and they don't know we're racing. Which is especially depressing when they are like 70 years old, don't know I'm racing them, and they still beat me.

Anyway, back to the race. I did about as expected. It's hard to predict times for a 4 miler since it's such an unsual distance, but my recent 5K time is 8:03 per mile, so I expected slightly slower than that, but not quite as slow as my 10K time from October (8:34 per mile). I was secretly hoping to beat my PR 5K pace of 7:59 per mile, but the reason that was secret was because I knew it was highly unlikely at a mile longer distance. Final result, 32:39.4, 8:10 per mile. Details here, including mile splits, which were much better looking (more consistent), than the ones from the Super Bowl 5K in January, which started out way too fast and ended up way too slow. All results here. I need to get seriously fast so I can win my age group in 2016, because their trophies were so cute! They were bobble head frog trophies!

Enough about the race and on to the ruins. I've been meaning to talk about how I actually skipped a 6 mile run this past Sunday due to too many days of not enough sleep, and a very messed up sleep schedule, lack of motivation, and a sore hip and knees, and how it ruined my "streak" of perfect consistency and prettiness on my calendar (running every S, Tu, We, Th, Sa since Jan 1st). Actually the streak was ruined last week when I did my Thursday run on Friday instead, but I wasn't AS upset about that since I still got all my miles in and didn't actually "skip" anything. Anyway, I decided I'm over it and it's fine and there's nothing else to say about it. Back on track now. (Sleep schedule back in place, and a new car to show for my troubles this week!). An aside for those who don't know: I work night shift so doing things during the day (ie selling my old car and shopping for a new one) tends to really throw my sleep schedule into a tailspin.

Final bit of random news: bought some new shoes yesterday: Brooks Addiction 10, planning on using them for my long runs on Saturdays for a little extra support.


  1. great job and I honestly do feel so bad! That darn person that knocked our spots back..boooo! I'll be doing the shamrock n roll run too. We should try to meet up there! I love that you said we are going to have a rivalry :) Definitely good motivation!

  2. Are you doing the 5K or 10K? (I'm doing the 10K b/c the medal looks awesome) I'm meeting some other people there too, and I would love to find you. Then I could chase you and get some extra motivation to not be a slacker. Are you on Athlinks?


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