Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness

This week was the first week in March that I've actually logged all 5 days and all the miles on schedule.  Depressing, since March is almost over, but it is what it is.  The last week that I adhered to my schedule was the week of February 19th.  This week I did juggle a bit (ran Monday instead of Tuesday, and Friday instead of Saturday), but it was necessary due to sleep and scheduling issues, and I'm just happy to have hit the mark for the week.  I know that my activity calendar looks like chaos so why should I care if I flopped days?  If you had seen January and February, they were PERFECT.  S, Tu, We, Th, Sat, every week, perfectly beautiful rows and columns of red boxes, so the chaotic calendar is still "wrong" to me.  I'm still not too bad off, so far 93.9 miles for March and 306.3 miles for 2012, so I'm well on my way to my goal of 1200 miles for the year.  This is also the first week since the week of 2/12 that my average pace for the week was less than 10:00min/mile (9:55, and it was skewed for the better by the 10K race Sunday, but it still counts!!).

One of the themes of this week's runs has been snakes.  I've run into two this week.  I'm not afraid of snakes, strictly speaking, and I used to want one as a pet when I was a kid.  But these little f***ers lay still on the pavement looking like sticks or whatever and then you run close to them and they immediately start slithering away and have almost given me a heart attack twice this week.  (Just for like a split second until I realize what the random movement was at my feet).

Last night I went to see the Hunger Games with Ashley from work since I had the night off and Jeff is in Wisconsin to watch hockey.  I liked it, wasn't disappointed at all.  (Unlike many book to movie conversions).  It was a midnight showing and it was packed.  
Got home and was pretty tired for some reason, so I went to bed early at 5am, thinking I could get a great night's sleep, like 5a-5p.  Ended up only sleeping 5a-10a, so I decided to get my 10-miler in a day early since it might help me sleep again before work.  I took a nice route through several parks and even had a little section of trail.  Map/Elevation.  I can add 4-5 miles to it by starting at Parker Mill instead of Gallup Park, so I'm sure I'll run it on future long runs as well.   I did have to carry water with me, which I always hate.  I have a 4-bottle nathan water belt, but I cut the front two bottles holders off last year because they tend to get in the way of my arm swing, so now it's a two bottle belt (10 oz each).   I filled one with gatorade and one with water, and had just enough.  Hopefully they turn the water fountains on at Gallup and Parker Mill soon.  (Luckily Gallup has a water fountain in their main bathrooms that is on year round, so that is great on runs that center around there).  Oh, speaking of bathrooms, I had the best surprise at Bandemer Park.  I saw a bathroom building and assumed the doors would be locked, but tried them anyway, and they weren't!  Yay, for getting to pee!  The only downside of my mid-day run today is that I basically went straight to bed (computer time) and then am going to go to sleep again before work, so I'm going to be super sore when I wake up.   I like running in the evening after a full day's sleep, and then being on my feet all night at work, it helps loosen my legs up and I'm much less sore.  I walked more than usual for a cool down, overall took it easy on the run, and did some good stretching after, so hopefully it will be fine.  Almost forgot: today's Most Valuable Song is.....(drumroll).... Kids- by MGMT! (Especially the part from like 2:20-2:30 from that link)

Oh, another thing I tried this week was counting steps.  I didn't bring music to my Thursday group run and ended up running alone so I was kind of bored.  So I counted each right footstrike up to 100 and then started over again and again and again (sometimes I'd do my left foot for a round).  It was kind of relaxing and distracting, especially when I was feeling tired and wanting to stop.  I also think it might've helped with pacing, because counting in my head made me aware of my cadence and it became obvious if it was slowing down.  I'll keep that tool in my back pocket for future use.

I also accepted a new job this week, in one of the ICUs at the hospital where I currently work.  I start the week of April 22nd.  It will be 12 hrs shifts, 36 hour weeks, mostly day shift(6:30a-7p) with night shift rotations approximately one week per 2 months.  I'm interested to see how this affects my running.  I'm thinking it will be good for the summer especially, because I'll have 4 days off per week and will be used to getting up super early, so I'll be able to get my runs in before the heat of the day kicks in.   Of course that means I will be attending fewer group runs, but I hate running in the heat, so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  Sorry groupies.

Ok, time to get in the shower and go to bed.  I've laying here all sweaty and my pillow is going to stink.  Guess I'll have to wash the sheets again.  Blah.

Also, sorry if you read this post thinking it would be about basketball.  I don't care about basketball.  This is a running blog.  


  1. I know nothing about running, as I can barely get up out of a chair at times with my arthritis, but I marvel at you! What a strong, dedicated person you are! I enjoy reading your blog! So glad you found an open bathroom and didn't have to wet your pants!

  2. Haha. Yay pee!! Hi Grammy :)

  3. I never heard of The Hunger Games before the movie came out, but I want to see it.

    Speaking of counting your foot strikes... Were you aware that "experts" have given an optimal number for strides per minute. In case you haven't, that number is 180. So if you have a watch, next time try to see how many strides you do in a minute. I count each time one foot hits the ground and multiply that number by 2 when I get to 1 minute. They say you should be able to run faster if you train yourself to keep at 180 strides/minute.

    1. Read the books first! I have read the 180 thing before. I counted a few months back and I was almost exactly at 180 so I didn't bother counting it again with a timer. I'll recheck this week :)

  4. I think your calendar looks pretty full; everybody has to make adjustments. love the blog and the ICU nursing pic. So true. love ya mom


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