Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week Recap and March Wrap-up

Wednesday I run with A2Runners (via  I invited a bunch of girls from work, and five of them actually came.  I told them it was supposed to be a nice day, but it ended up being windy and kind of cold.  Anyway, I ran with the slowest person on the way out, until she turned around to walk back to the park, then I continued on at my pace until the "fast pack" caught me on their return trip and I ran back with them.  So I called it a tempo run given the fast 2 miles at the end.  It was fun and I'm glad so many people came!

One of my coworkers (the fast one!) came to this run too.  (This is the free Thursday run with Running Fit 501).  I was planning on taking it easy to recover after track intervals Tuesday and the "tempo" ending on Wednesday, which I thought would be a 10:00 pace or slower but I ended up in a group and ran at a comfortable/conversational pace and ended up averaging 9:18 over the 6 miles.  I'll take that for an easy run any day!  I hope the fast coworker comes more often.  One day I hope to be as fast as her :)

Today I ran 13 with Dani from 501, and Jeff.  Average pace 9:46/mile, which I am very happy with, considering most of my long runs recently have been about 10:45/mile.  I wasn't even pushing, really.  We were just chatting the whole way.  (Well, until the end, when I tried to pick it up a bit for the finish.  Which I did successfully, check out the splits on those last two miles!)

 I really needed this run, and this week in general, to boost my confidence for the race in 2 weeks.  I was feeling like I didn't have a shot at a PR or a sub 2:00 half marathon, but now I'm thinking I do. 

Today is also the last day of March, which ended up being my highest mileage month ever at 129.2.  This week was my highest mileage as well, at 35.2.  The average pace for this week's 35.2 miles was 9:36, which is good for me, especially considering it included a 13 mile long run.  Finally, this week bumped my overall average pace for all of 2012's 341.7 miles to under 10:00/mile (9:59! haha).
 (Click to enlarge images.  Left - Monthly mileage.  Right - Weekly mileage.)

March, I take back all the bad things I said about you last week.

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