Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What comes between Winter and Summer?

The answer, apparently, is "NOTHING".  This is was the weather at 5:45 pm when I woke up today and was trying to figure out what to wear to my group run:
Geez.  Too hot.  What happened to the 50s and 60s?? The only nice thing about it was that the dogs got hot and tired faster on their bike ride today after my run, so that part didn't take as long.

As for the run, I'm excited for our meeting location to move back to Gallup Park next week.  We had moved it to a better lit location in November when we ran out of daylight, but the downside of this location is that all the runs are uphill on the way back.  (See graph, elevation in green.  Full run details here. )

When we meet at Gallup, the run is pretty flat, so hopefully I can keep up with the guys a little better without losing the will to live on the uphills at the end.  I'm always surprised out how "slow" our average pace is when I upload the data at the end.  I glanced at my GPS watch a couple times around mile 2 and it was saying 8:50s so I was expecting the average to be faster than the 9:41 we got.  Or I should say "I" got.  Three of us hung back a bit around mile 3, and then I slowed down by myself at the very end on the steep uphill.  I'll be bummed when the group gets bigger this summer and more girls come.  When I'm eating their dust,  I won't be able to tell myself that the reason I'm slowest is because I'm the only girl.  I am sexist when it works in my favor.   :)

I didn't listen to music while running today, but one of my running songs came on the radio as I was driving to the start, and it is one of my faves right now and "got me in the mood", so I am naming it the "MVS" for the day: Train - Drive By.

Anybody have a recommendation for a good sports medicine doc in the Ann Arbor area?  I'm going to go get this hip checked out before it gets bad.

Work tonight, then three nights "off".  My plan of being lazy and reading blogs and books for 3 days isn't going to happen, because I have to do laundry and clean the house because my dad is coming Saturday, and I have to prepare for an important "meeting" at 9am Monday morning that some of you are aware of already.  Oh, and that racing thing on Sunday.  


  1. I know you're probably unfamiliar with the University's offerings having no past relationship with it but . That whole group is pros in my experience.

    1. Lol Reed. I have been to MedSport at Domino's Farms once in 2009. I guess I should stick with them. The PT people were good but the PA I saw I wasn't too impressed with. But I don't remember her name, so I can't even avoid getting her again.

  2. "That racing thing"??? Now I think you're breaking my heart on purpose. Hey, isn't Saturday a special day or something???

    1. Well of course I'm excited to see YOU. It's just the race part that I'm not as excited about. Except the medal. Still excited about the medal. Yes, saturday is St. Patrick's day silly :)


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