Saturday, March 3, 2012

What doesn't kill you...

Warning: Whining crybaby post! 

So last Saturday I had a terrible run.  The worst of 2012 for sure.  There was no good reason for it, I just couldn't get into a groove and was having some hip pain and it was a pretty hilly course.  (Map).  It might have had something do do with coming straight from work and not being hydrated or fueled up enough, but whatever.  I had ZERO speed and was pretty miserable.  I was excited for this today's long run because it couldn't possibly be worse, right?  WRONG.  Last Saturday's run only held the Worst Run of 2012 title for a measly week, easily overtaken by today's run.  I woke up at like 1am (I slept in so I could stay up late into the day today), and my chest was hurting when I took a deep breath.  Hmmm.  Weird.  I didn't *feel* sick.  Then came the deep hacking dry cough, which definitely didn't help the chest pain.  BUT, I still felt okay, no fatigue or fever or anything, so I figured I'd do my 10 and just take it easy.  The fact that there were 30 mph winds didn't help anything either.  Nor did the fact that I made the idiot move of wearing a brand new pair of shoes for the first time on a long run.  Luckily I brought my Buff, so I used that to keep over my nose and mouth and try to warm the air, but my lungs still burned.  And now that I'm done I *do* feel sick.  (Chills, fatigue, blah).  It basically felt like the last 10 miles of a full marathon that I didn't train for.  Or something.  I was hoping I would "run it off" and kick out whatever bug was starting but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Here are the "run" details.  I fear I may miss tomorrow's 6 miler AGAIN (I missed it last week too!).  If I do do it, it will definitely be on the dreadmill, because the cold air was a bad idea.  I may opt for some stationary biking and weight training instead.  Speaking of weight training, my back was killing me on this run too.  And it has been at work the past week as well.  I know better, but I haven't done any back or abdominal strengthening in almost 3 weeks ( haven't done anything but run), and every time I do that I start falling apart.  (Back, hips, knees).  I keep saying I'm going to do strength training but I just don't like it and it hasn't been happening.  I really need to put it on a schedule like my runs.  

As for the shoes, I'm not sure how I feel about them.  I think they fit my feet well, and I had less knee and foot pain than usual at the end of a long run, but they are very heavy, and my legs felt that by mile 7.  They are only going to be for long runs, I wouldn't even wear them for a long distance race I don't think.  Here is my shoe comparison I made before I bought them.  The alternative that I think maybe I should have stuck with for long runs (LR) is the Asics Foundation, but too late now.  I have some Foundations that spontaneously got too big about 2 weeks ago after about 300 miles logged in them.  Weird.  I do like the responsiveness of the Brooks shoes I have better than the "cushiness" of the Asics I have.  They feel like they give me more energy return on the footstrike.  Anyway, that's enough rambling about shoes. 

Last thought: I'm thinking about applying for several ICU jobs at the hospital where I work, but am hesitant because they are all 12 hr shifts or combination 8 and 12 hr shifts, and at least one of them is a day/night rotation position.  I was looking to stay at straight 8 hr night shifts, because it really works well for my running schedule.  Do you think it is dumb to hold back from applying to units I'd really like to work, because it would mess up my running schedule?  The obvious bright side is that I'd have to work less days to get the same number of hours, but I don't mind working a lot of days because it means I have all my evenings free.  *sigh*. 

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  1. If you really want the job, I would apply. You can adjust your running schedule to it! ~Irina


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