Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zen Running

First off, congrats to everyone (Reed, Rose, Katie, Megan, and Josh) who rocked the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon today.  Sounds like everybody had a great race, with PRs all around!

As for me, I just did an easy 6 on my own, but it was a good run.  Lots of people out in the park today.  I managed to not look at my Garmin at all the whole time, which made it much nicer.  I'm pretty happy with the splits.  The first mile was like a warmup, the next 3 were pretty consistent, and the last two were uphill, so what can you expect.  I was thinking along the way about how running used to be fun, back when I didn't care how slow I was and wasn't worried about PR-ing races, or constantly checking my paces on my watch.  Also, whatever happened to the runner's high?  I don't remember the last time I've had that feeling.  The moral of the story is that I'm going back to that.  I don't care if I'm slow and not getting any faster, because it's not worth the stress.  Running isn't supposed to ADD stress to my life!  So that's that.  This change of heart *may* actually be because I'm coming to the realization that I have basically zero chance at PR-ing my half marathon in April, and I'm using this wishy-washy zen running bulls*** to make that okay and make it so I can just go out and run a fun race without killing myself and then being disappointed anyway.  Or maybe it's legit.  Either way, I'm going with it.  And maybe by relaxing and not caring, I'll actually end up getting faster!  Oh wait, I forgot that I don't care about getting faster anymore.  Nix that. 

And let's not forget the the MVS for today: Gorillaz - 19/2000 Soulchild Remix
Other "epiphanies" from today's run:
  1. Red lights are the perfect barometer of whether I'm having a good or a bad run.  If I want it to stay green so I don't have to break my stride and lose my groove, that's a good sign.  If I'm praying for it turn red on the whole approach so I can take a frickin' break already: not so good.  
  2. Don't look at your shadow.  It's a real buzz kill when you feel like you're cruising along at record speed and looking like a super-fit running rockstar and the shadow says otherwise. 
  3. Ditto for the watch. 
  4. And for windows or other reflective surfaces.
  5. START SLOW.   Every run where I take it easy at the start I always end up at faster pace through the middle (that feels easy) than I would if I tried to start fast.  Also true for races.  Why do I never learn this lesson???  
(I think this is from Scott Douglas' "Little Red Book of Running")
(Please ignore the green squigglies under the "don't"s.  I made this in Word and apparently didn't notice the spell check squiggles before I screen grabbed it.  Don't ask me why Word thinks I spelled "don't" wrong.  It's right, right?)

I'm excited for Wednesday's Meetup group run.  Normally we have basically the same 4-5 people show up.  I invited a bunch of girls from work to come, and one girl from the meetup site had already RSVP'ed who I don't think has come before.  Sounds like a lot of the work people I invited (like 3 at least, maybe more) are planning on coming, so I'm excited for a big turnout and a wider variety of paces.  I was concerned because A) I'm running track repeats with 501 Tuesday evening and fully expect my legs to be pudding on Wednesday and hence unable to keep up with the normal group, and B) I was unsure how fast the new girl that RSVP'ed is and didn't want her to have to run alone.  So yay and yay.  Also yay, because it's actually SPRING weather this week (50s/60s instead of 70s/80s), so it's going to be great.

Also, blogging has prevented me from doing my planned yoga workout for today.  Crap.  Actually I guess I still have time if I really wanted to do it, but I really don't.


  1. I hope you do whatever you want with your running as long as it makes you happy and keeps ya going!

    (I don't worry about workout to workout times, but I'd be lying if I said I don't care about races. The big picture though is that I am in it for the long haul and know that I will be a "really good" runner in the future as long as I keep at it. Any setbacks are temporary as I have "big plans" for the future.)

  2. Yay for not caring!! :D


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