Thursday, April 5, 2012

10-day Forecast!

As of today, the 10-day forecast includes race day, and it looks damn good.  After all the heat we had a couple weeks ago I was terrified that it was going to be too hot to give me my best chance at a good race. 
One more point in the "I'm going to rock this race" column!

This should be perfect!  It will be colder earlier in the morning of course, but I am always fine with colder.  As soon as it gets very much above about 60-65 degrees however, I definitely notice my performance suffering.   Yay for perfect race day running weather! (*knock on wood*... it is weather, and this is Michigan, and 10-days is a long time.)  Given what I see here, it should be shorts and long sleeved tech shirt weather I think, with the final determination pending the arrival of the "hourly" forecast.

In other news, apparently Asics has redesigned my go-to shoes.  (Click image on right for details).  I like the colors, but hope they didn't ruin the shoes.  I have been running in the GT-2100 series since I first started running in 2005.  I have tried other makes and models, but I always come back.  I ran in the 2110's for like 6 years (I tried the 2130s and 2150s and didn't really like them), and have more recently been running in the 2160s.  I also have a pair of Asics Foundations that were my long run shoes, but their mileage is pretty high right now and they feel like they have strangely gotten too big for my foot so I haven't been wearing them.  I thought I may have become a Brooks convert this month, when I got a pair of Adrenaline GTS 12s and some Addictions (for long runs), but the week I really started wearing those consistently was the week my hip started bothering me, so I've returned to my 2160s just in case.  The 2160s actually aren't my favorite because they don't feel "right" fresh out of the box and I have to break them in a bit before I really feel good about them, but they're the only shoe I have right now that I feel "safe" with for the race, so that is what I wore for my 13-miler last week, and that is what I am planning on wearing at the half next week.  I just have to decide whether I want to wear my low mileage (60 mi) newer pair or my high mileage (345 mi) older pair.  I wore the older pair for my 13 miler and that went fine so I suppose I should do that.  I have been wearing the newer pair for all the "fast" runs I've been doing this week since then though.  Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of decisions,  I also still need to decide on my plan for my final week before the race.  I don't even know how far I'm going to go for my long run this Saturday.  My original training plan from Coach G had just 6 miles, my "unofficial" coach Scott suggested 10 miles, and many of the internet plans I've glanced at (i.e. Hal Higdon) don't have any taper at all, with the long-runs leading up to the race looking like 10, 11, 12,  Race, or something similar.  I'm leaning toward 10 right now.  Any tips?  I also need to figure out what runs I'm doing through the week.  In the past I had a tendency to rest too much before the race (taking two full days off before the race, and not doing any speed stuff the week of the race), so I'm going to try to do more than that.  Here is a grid showing my normal routine, and some options for race week.  Let me know what you think I should do! (and why...)  Other recommendations welcome too.

Martian Invasion of the Races!
Won't you be glad when this race is over and you can stop listening to me overthink every detail? (Isn't this like my 3rd blog post today?  Ugh.  I need to get a life.  Technically though I slept between the early morning posts this morning and this one, so it's a new day for me.)  I still have over a week to agonize!!  At this rate, I'll be out of things to agonize over long before race day, and I'll be forced to relax.  There are still the issues of playlists and clothes to address though.  Oh and the expo to discuss.  :)

I am going to try my best to do a happy martian dance even if I do terrible at the race and don't meet any of my goals.  It's supposed to be fun, right?  Maybe? At least a little bit?

It's not too late to register or volunteer if you want to come!

Now I'm off to the Thursday group run with 501! (since sleeping was successful today).


  1. Love the Martian!!!!!

  2. I'm excited for the new Asics! They're also my go to shoe.

  3. Ty, it's my conjecture that your feet have grown too strong for a support shoe and you need a neutral shoe. That's why you keep "falling back" to the ones you own and every time you try a new support shoe (especially those Brooks) you have pain or don't like them. You should give a neutral shoe a try just for grins some time.

    1. No way...too risky. I'll get knee and foot pain if I do that (and that hurts when I run, not just after like this hip pain does). I do think the addictions were probably a bit too much, but my arch totally collapses when I bear weight on it, so I think neutral is a terrible idea. I can't even walk barefoot in my house w/o foot pain b/c of the calluses on my forefoot (which my podiatrist said are from overpronation/flat feet and increased pressure on the 2nd metatarsal or something.) I was having foot and knee pain at work until I went to the podiatrist and got orthotics and supportive shoes for work. The 2160s are stability shoes, but they're pretty cushiony and on the lower end of the stability spectrum. (Which is why I took the podiatrists advice for knee/foot pain and tried upgrading to higher stability or motion control shoes, like the Asics Foundation and the Brooks Addiction). The hip pain I am going to get checked out after the race, but it really doesn't hurt when I run, so I'm not that worried about it.

  4. Also, I too am very excited for the Martian weather. Good luck in the half. Maybe we'll meet up along the way.


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