Monday, April 16, 2012

Big House Big Heart : Spread the RUN

First, this showed up from Gibson's Daily Running Quotes the day of the Martian.  How fitting:

"Become detached from your performance. This is the process of actually suspending judgment about the outcome of your running efforts. You must be truly able to 'let go,' to become a split personality of sorts. It’s not easy; after all, you are striving to do your very best, yet you have to not care about the result. Running the race should be the most important thing in your life while you are running it, yet you can’t care how it turns out. If you have trouble with this, ask yourself: Does caring help me or hurt me? Caring certainly helps you get to the starting line, but once there, you must simply trust your training and your ability to execute." -Andy Palmer

Easier said than done of course.


Yesterday I ran the Big House Big Heart 5K with a friend from work (S) who has never run a race before!  I have been trying to get her to run with me for almost two years.  It looked really bad when I woke up around 6am (heavy rain, thunder, lightning), but it was an expensive race and plus I told S she couldn't bail no matter what so I had to go!

I got there in time to see some of the 10K-ers finish their race (which was very wet!).  There wasn't much of a crowd down in the stadium at that time, but everybody I knew that ran the 10K did amazing.  (Sonia and Andy both ran sub 7:00 pace, and Matt ran his first ever 10K at the same pace as my 10K PR!! I also ran into another Sonia from the A2Runners Meetup after she finished the 10K)

I didn't take any pictures of friends at the end of the 10K because I'm an idiot and was stressing because S was running late.  Then she couldn't find parking and she was calling me to keep me posted, and we were afraid she wouldn't make it to her first 5K.  On the bright side, the rain had started to ease up.  She and her friend ended up running from her car and getting there just in time to pin on their bib numbers and start the race.  (I didn't find them and hand them their bibs until after the Star Spangled Banner was playing!  Close call.)  It went great and she ran the whole thing, we finished in 35:48.  (And it didn't rain!)
I pixelated the bib numbers and added "costumes" (way more fun than pixelation, haha!) because I didn't ask permission to post their photo.  This is well past the halfway point and S (left) is still looking strong!
 The crowd at the 5K finish was out in full force, thanks to the improved weather and the larger number of runners.  Here are the photos from my (crappy) phone.  S took more/better ones with her camera, so I will post those when I get them.  (Speaking of photos, how did I manage to not take any with Irina, David and Jeff before or after the Martian Saturday?!?  D'oh. )

I ran into Coach G and the RF 101 runners who had just completed their first 5Ks, and took some pictures for them so they could all be in it together.  We also found two more people from my unit at work and got some pictures with them (pending!). 

We tried to find the post-race food, which we were told was up the stairs outside the stadium, but we couldn't find it :(.  We ended up going to a coney island, yum.

The Big House Big Heart is kind of a pricey race, and the usually large crowds and packed field make it not my favorite race to run for time, but it is worth doing at least once because running through the tunnel and finishing on the field inside Michigan Stadium is pretty neat, even if you're not a UM (or football) fan.

So glad S finally ran her first 5K!  Hopefully many more to come, and group runs too :)
How did you get started running?  Did you have someone you knew that motivated you to start?  Did a race get you started running, or were you a runner before you ever ran your first race? 

Big shout out and thank you to Michelle in Cleveland, OH who introduced me to running in 2005.   Also to Scott, who ran a lot of races with me back in the day, gave (and still gives) me advice, and kept me going.  Seriously, running is like my favorite thing.  Even better than chocolate.  I try to drag everybody I know along with me, because trust me, it's worth it, even if you don't care about your pace or races or any of that stuff.  (Especially if you don't. Overanalyzing is stressful, and pointless)

So yeah, spread the run.  :)

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