Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can't you see that I'm busy?

As I was cruising along (with my headphones in), on my run today some girl flagged me down for directions (she was walking, on the trail, in the park).  I hate it when people do that when I'm running.  Yeah, I'm mean, whatever.  But how many casual walkers did she let go by before she decided I was the one to bother?  Of course I stopped and gave her her stupid directions and then went back to running, but then I realized I forgot to tell her about one turn so I caught her on my return trip (out & back route) and stopped AGAIN to give her an update.  It happens all the time when I'm running on the sidewalks too.  People pull over in their cars to ask for directions.  Get a smartphone, people.  Or a TomTom/Garmin.  (Actually I could have sworn this girl had an iphone on her arm....I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just an ipod).  I wish I was a guy.  A big scary muscle-y guy.  Nobody asks big scary guys for directions.  

Did my 6 today straight from the house on what I like to call the "bowl" route.  (Down the hill to Gallup Park, flat through the middle, than climb back up for the 2 miles home).  I decided I was going to run "easy", but run the fast edge of easy.  So basically try to run at the fastest comfortable pace I could, to continue to try to gauge what I'll be able to do for 13 miles at the race in TEN DAYS (eek).  I was trying to maintain a constant effort, didn't look at my watch for pacing, and obviously slowed down on the uphill at the end (to maintain the same effort I had to drop the pace).  Here were the splits:

See?  Looks just like a bowl.
1  9:36.09
2  9:08.49
3  9:13
4  9:09.42
5  9:51.91
6  10:11.68

Mile 1 was my "warm-up" so ignore that.  Mile 3&4 were the flat part, so that's my real gauge.  I need 9:04 for a PR at the half, so if 9:10 is easy on my own in the park, surely I can pull out 9:04 at a race, right? I still can't believe I'm calling anything sub 10:00 easy...that wouldn't have happened even 2 weeks ago. 

I really love running.  I'm getting nervous about training for the Detroit marathon this fall.   I don't want to end up injured and not be able to run at all.  I found this training plan: Old or Fat Person Marathon Plan and am thinking it might be the one for me.  Actually probably not because I hate cross-training (injury, here I come), and also taking it down to running 3 days per week seems a bit extreme.  I might go through withdrawal.  And get depressed.  (Speaking of withdrawal, I swear 50% of the doctors at work spell it "withdrawl" when writing admitting diagnoses and progress notes.  So annoying). 

Has anybody ever run with Tortoise & Hare in Ann Arbor? http://www.tortoiseandhare.com/events/rungroup.htm  I'm thinking of trying it one Tuesday.  (I should have tonight, I started at 6pm from a block away!).  I already paid to run with RF 501 for the year of course, but it is a pain to drive downtown, and some days, like today, I don't like the workout they're doing.  T&H also has these marathon training runs: http://www.tortoiseandhare.com/events/training.htm (with Porta Johns, woot!, and they're free), so I am definitely going to have to hit up some of those.  I'm concerned about pace though, the T&H people always look fast.  If somebody tries it, let me know what kind of paces people are running!

My blog never has any good pictures.  I wish it did.  But one thing I hate more than not having pictures for my blog, is taking pictures for my blog.  Sorry.  Here's a stolen cartoon instead.
Guilty as charged.  I love running gear :)  Crap, I don't have a defibrillator!!  Do they sell those on Amazon?


  1. Do you have a wind turbine generator?? Cute pic, thanks :)

  2. The answer is yes, BTW: Amazon DOES sell defibrillators! http://www.amazon.com/Philips-HeartStart-Home-Defibrillator-AED/dp/B00064CED6


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