Thursday, April 5, 2012

More overanalysis and race planning....

...because that's just how I roll.

Yesterday was a group run with A2Runners Meetup.  5 miles, average pace 8:52/mile.  I was stoked about that.  I looked back in my training log and that is only my second sub-9:00 average training run EVER.  The other one was in October 2011 a couple weeks after the Detroit half, on the same route and with the same Wednesday evening Meetup group.  I'm pretty sure I had to push way harder to get that pace then though.  Last night the first 2.5 miles actually felt super easy.  I felt like we were doing about 9:40, and I actually considered splitting from the subgroup I was in to go a little faster.  (Of course it turns out we were actually doing more like 9:05-9:10).  I ran with a different person on the way back, and she was going little faster, hence the speed increase at the end, but it really didn't feel bad at all.  I'm going to have to be very careful to not go out too fast at the race next week since I'm misjudging these faster paces as slower by quite a bit. 

I think I'm going to aim for about a 9:10 for the first mile or two of my race, then settle in between 8:50-9:05.  Here's hoping I don't fall apart at mile 9! (Which has been the trend at my last 2 races, but I think I started to fast for my level of fitness at those.  I'm planning on starting about the same this time around, but I think I'm better prepared for that pace now.)  See splits for half marathons at Las Vegas--December 2011 (lost it at mile 9) and Detroit--October 2011 (lost it at mile 7-8.  Mile 7 is actually missing because my GPS lost signal in the tunnel, so it's hard to say exactly). 

In my training log at I can label each run as Tempo, Hill, Interval, Easy, Long, Default, or a custom label, and I have been struggling the past few weeks with what to label my runs.  Specifically, my effort level is feeling like something in between Easy and Tempo, while my paces are either looking like what used to be Tempo runs, or somewhere in between Easy & Tempo.  So when I'm in doubt, I just go with "Default".  The ultimate problem is lack of planning and lack of targeting my workouts. Aside from obvious long runs, intervals, and hills, (which are inconsistent anyway) the rest of my runs are just "whatever happens" when I go out for the mileage designated on my calendar.  So after this Martian Half, I'm going to build a "real" training plan, with scheduled tempo, hills, intervals, etc. and I'm going to be a legit runner.  (Probably not, really, because I've tried this before and I end up "not feeling like it" on my speed days and just going out for "default" runs).  Anyway, Greg McMillan has the BEST training information that I have found  I'm going to read it all and make myself the perfect training plan.  One of these days.  (Procrastinate much?)  I did skim some of it, and found his "steady-state" run to be probably the best description of what I've been running recently.  I'm super excited to get this race over with so I can use that as the new benchmark time in his calculator to get my optimal training paces and equivalent race performances.  Love that tool.  I think that by basing my training paces off of my half marathon time (rather than 5K or 10K), they will be more appropriate and achievable.  The training paces based off my 5K time are too fast for me to hit most of the time.  Or at least they used to be! (Wishful thinking)

Today...I may skip my Thursday 501 group run.  I may need to sleep before work tonight since my sleep schedule is messed up once again from having a daytime meeting 11a-3p yesterday.  Blah.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the A2Runners went for sushi after our run yesterday.  So good.  :D   We went to UMI and I got a Yum Yum roll and an A.A.C. roll (asparagus, avocado, and cucumber).  Eating is the best thing about running!!

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  1. Congrats on a great training run! I love the RunningAHEAD and McMillan sites too.

    And I think eating is the ONLY reason to run! ;)


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