Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mr. McBlister

I dropped a vacuum cleaner on my foot yesterday and when I was inspecting the damage (owww, it had bruised in like 2 seconds flat), I discovered a giant weird looking blister on the top/side of my R 2nd toe.  There was a smaller, matching one on the left 2nd toe too.  I'm sure they're from the martian because I felt blisters forming on my toes in those spots during the race (thanks to the rain & resulting wet shoes/socks), but I totally forgot to look after the race.  I usually don't get blisters so they're kind of a novelty. :)  I took pictures for you.

I should say I *tried* to take pictures for you.  I took several and thought I had at least one good clear image by the time the camera battery died.  Discovered when I uploaded them to my computer that they were all out of focus.  This one was the best, and Callie photobombed me with her nose.  Oops.  I would have replaced the camera batteries and tried again, but I drained as soon as I was done with my photo session :P.  It was such a cool looking blister, if you can even tell.  It was small on top my toe and then really big out to the right.  It looked like a tumor.  Goodbye Mr. McBlister.

I worked three 12s in a row this week (M, Tu, W).  I'm leaving my house between 5:30-5:40am and getting home around 7:30-7:40pm.  It's a long day and doesn't leave much time or energy for running (given that I need to also eat and sleep before waking up again between 4:30-5:00am).  My plan was to do an easy 3 after the second day (Tu) and it took all the motivation I had to get out the door (I was hungry and tired and had had a very busy day on my feet basically the whole 12 hours).  It wasn't a bad run after I got going though.  Splits were like 10:45, 9:30, 9:02, so obviously I got more into it as I went.  The first mile was kind of uphill, so that does account for part of the pace difference, but not all of it.

 Working my first 3 days at a new job as three 12s was royally sucky because I couldn't do any "homework" between shifts either so I felt underprepared compared to what I would normally be when learning something new or changing jobs.  I didn't really check emails or read blogs either, so I have a lot of catching up to do on everybody else's lives too.  Now I'm off until Sunday though!  I'm planning on making up the mile repeats I missed from yesterdays group workout tomorrow.  Haven't decided yet if I'll use the Garmin on random flattish terrain, or trek all the way to Palmer Field to use the track.  Probably the former.  It's Wednesday and I've only run 7.3 miles so far this week, including Sunday!  Yikes.  I'll make up most of it in the next 4 days this week though.

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  1. Sorry about the blister... Ouchie. :(


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