Sunday, April 1, 2012


This weekend has been weird for sleep.  I slept 9a-5p on Friday, and knew I would need to nap if I was going to be able to run at 8 am Saturday morning without being a zombie, so I went to bed with Jeff at like 9pm Friday night for a "nap".  Somehow, I didn't wake up until 5am Saturday morning (oops!).  So Saturday I was up all day (including that awesome 13 miler), went to bed at 10am, and set the alarm for 3am Sunday morning so I could make sure to be tired enough to sleep again Sunday (today) afternoon before working night shift tonight.  I woke up a little groggy and noticed a brand spanking new pain on the outside of my right knee, in addition to the usual (this month) right hip pain.  I got some coffee at McD's and still wasn't feeling very awake, add that to the pain in my knee and I was seriously thinking about taking today off to rest.  But then I realized that the surest way to cure pain and tiredness is to run :).  So I ran out to the car at 7:55a to try to make it to an 8am 501 group run at Gallup park that I have never gone to before.  I made it there before they headed it out, but it turns out they were all much slower than me (I don't get to say that very often!), so I had to go it alone.  As soon as I started, I felt like a million bucks.  The pain in my knee and hip that are there when I walk disappear when I run.  I guess I'll just have to run everywhere.  About a half mile into the run, I passed a pavilion with a few people milling about and a sign that said "Race Day Registration".  Crap, I had forgotten there was a 5K here today at 9am.  I've had such a good week this week, and was feeling so strong on today's run so far that I really wanted to turn back to the car, get my wallet, and register.  It would probably be a small race, and on flat course, and in spite of running long and relatively fast yesterday, I had a good feeling that I could possibly PR.  I was thinking I could continue out for another mile, then turn back for a total of 3 miles warmup and then go out and kill that race, probably bringing home an age group award.  But then I reconsidered.

"Wasn't it just this morning that my knee and hip were killing me?  Don't I have a goal race in two weeks?  Should I really push my luck and risk getting injured?  No, better play it smart Ty, just run your 6 easy miles and go home."

So I passed the registration table and just kept running.  All proud of myself for "training smart" and not succumbing to the lure of the race and all that crap.  I ended up having a stellar run.  That's right, STELLAR.  Found that runner's high that I've been missing so much.  Check out the downward trend on these splits:
Recipe for a runner's high.  A.k.a. "most beautifulest splits ever".  Yes, I know "beautifulest" isn't a word, never mind the double superlative.  It's for emphasis.  And goofiness. 
After I was done, I stuck around to get in a good stretch (injury prevention, remember?) and wait for the rest of the group.  I was doing a runners' lunge on the path when somebody really fast blew by me from behind on the right side.  Then another one.  And another one.  Finally I turned around and realized I was stretching in the middle of the race.  Whoops.  So I moved to the side so I could watch and finish stretching.  It was a really small field, and aside from those first few guys, very slow.  I totally should have run it.  I only saw two girls that were *maybe* faster than me.  I would have been 3rd place overall female, at worst.  (I think so anyway.  I fully plan to check the race website for results to see if I am just being totally naive about the paces those girls were running).  Kicking myself for not racing this morning!!

I feel like I've had some kind of a break-through.  I feel like my form is better, and I'm faster, and able to run more without feeling burnt out.  I really want to find a flat 5K really soon after the Martian half to see if I can kill it.  I hope it's not a fluke.  I hope this isn't a premature peak and I'll be on the decline by the time my races roll around.  Or maybe it's a function of hormones (ie:  (Sorry, TMI :P )

I am also LOVING this weather.  High 30s to low 60s.  Can we just skip Summer and Winter and stick with Spring and Fall all year?  Please?  Pretty please?  I only have another month or so to give it my all at some races before I have to stick it out through the summer heat and wait for fall to try again.   Heat and I do NOT get along.  But I'm hoping that I will be doing at least one, maybe two, PR dances before summer :). 

Time to try to sleep.  Two benadryl should do the trick.  I'm actually really going to miss night shift when I go to my new job :(  Did I already mention that my first week I work 6:30a-7p M, Tu, We, so I have to miss TWO group runs??  Woe is me.


  1. Great job on the run. I rarely do negative splits that well. Best I usually do is a too fast start, slow in the middle and a faster finish.

    Best of luck on your race. I think you'll do very well. You certainly have a good mileage base, have a good plan and are determined. Those things will take you far (and fast).

  2. I wish you posted a picture of the cat. I'm still thinking about him. :(


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