Friday, April 13, 2012

Race Weekend : Go.

Less than 24 hours til the race.  Which is probably why their website crashed.  Whoops.
Sad how this makes me reminisce about my days!

 This weekend is going to be ridiculous:

  1. Friday: Martian expo and packet pick-up 
  2. Saturday morning: Martian half-marathon!
  3. Saturday afternoon: Big House Big Heart expo & packet pick-up
  4. Sunday morning: Big House Big Heart 5K w/ Ashley!
  5. Monday: Boston Marathon!  (Okay, I'm not actually participating in this, except in my dreams and via television and internet, but it's still the icing on the race weekend cake)
 (Good thing I'm off for 4 days!  I was off last night and don't go back until Monday night.)

I haven't been as stressed about the Martian half as I was last week.  I'm less optimistic about my time than I was before, but I also seem to be caring less.  It's just another data point.  I'm expecting anywhere from 8:50-9:20 per mile, with a goal right in the middle 9:05, but I'll be happy as long as I stay under 9:23 per mile which would give me a recent history PR.  My legs don't feel as rested as I had hoped, but oh well.  I really struggled with how much to run this week, and how fast, to give enough rest and without feeling stale.

The weather forecast has changed since I last posted about it, and not for the better:
The temperature is still good, but obviously the rain, humidity, and wind are less than ideal.  I'm going to pretend to be an optimist and say that the rain and wind are good news because they will keep me cool!  (I tend to run hot).

You may be wondering why this is the first you've heard about the Big House Big Heart 5K.  That was kind of a last minute decision.  I have a friend who I have been trying to get to run for like 2 years and she finally agreed to register for a race (her first!), so I am going to run it with her.  I'm not planning on racing it, it should just be a fun recovery jog after the half, which obviously I am planning on racing.  The weather for the 5K Sunday looks even worse (warmer, and with thunderstorms instead of just showers).  Should be fun!

I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing lots of people this weekend....

At Martian: Irina, Reed, Melissa, lots of 501-ers including Rose, lots of A2Runners including David, and maybe fellow SE Michigan running bloggers Katie, Megan, and Jeff!  (My bib # is 5318, and I will probably be lurking about the "Running Fit 501 Tent" wherever that is.  Say hello if you see me!)

At BHBH: Lots of nurses from my current unit including first time 5K-er Ashley (woooot!!), some 501-ers, and blogger Josh.  Addendum: and Andy!

Good luck to everybody (including those that I inevitably forgot to mention...sorry) and have fun!  Oh, and while I have your attention, if you're not on, why aren't you?  Create an account and add me as a friend!  

(There will probably be at least one more post today when I finalize my race playlist and outfit.  I know you'll be on the edge of your seat, waiting. )


  1. I'll look for you at BHBH - I'm running the 10k.

    I am, actually, looking forward to your playlist!

  2. That's quite a booked weekend, good luck!


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