Monday, April 2, 2012

Reversible, if you like wearing things inside-out.

This is my butt.  Try to contain your jealousy.

Dear Target,

These are not reversible shorts.  You suck.



(Reversible shorts would not have a giant tag in the butt seam on one of the sides.  I tried removing it from my other pair but it just left a giant weird white line.  Ugh. )

Found this today, may try the "half marathon tune-up" next week.  Coach has us running hills tomorrow so I'm not going to the group run.  I'll do 6 on my own instead, and try to do the middle 2, or maybe the whole last 4 at about a 9:00 pace....  Either that or I'll just take it easy.  We'll see.  
Time for work... I'm charge nurse tonight.  (yuck).  Here's hoping for stable, happy patients, no open beds, and nurses on their A-game. 


  1. Why no open beds? Isn't less people better? No?

    1. Empty beds rarely stay empty, and new admissions are a lot of work. Not to mention unpredictable. You never know what kind of disaster could show up. Apparently yesterday on the shift before me they had to code a new admission in the hall before they even made into the room. No thank you.


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