Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scattered thoughts from this week

I need to figure out a way to blog while I'm running and showering.  That's when all the things I want to say come to me.  Now that I'm at the computer I'm totally drawing a blank.  I'm just going to start typing, maybe it will come to me as I go...

I went to the 501 group run today Tuesday (this post was a work in progress for entirely too long, sorry, I worked 4 days in a row), where we did hills (gag), ate pizza (yum), and congratulated all the Boston and Martian runners from the weekend (yay).  The hills actually went pretty well, as far as me and hills go.  I was "supposed" to do 10, but I only did 9.  Which is still fine by me, because I certainly wasn't planning on doing hill repeats at all so soon after the half marathon (my quads were still a little sore).  I managed to push it pretty well up each hill, and then just made sure to recover really well by running super easy after each hill before the next repeat.  That made it bearable.  It was a little disheartening to see the girls I usually run with actually lapping me, but I can never keep up with them on hill days anyway.  I hope we do track next week.  (Nevermind, I work next Tuesday and won't be able to go if/when they run the track.  Boo.) 

I've decided I'm ditching the Garmin and paceband for my next race (both 5K and HM).  Not even going to wear a regular watch.  I'll miss having the splits afterward, but oh well.  (We'll see if I actually stick with this plan....)  There is a small chance that I'll carry the Garmin on a race belt or in a pocket or something so I can still have the data, but I don't know, I feel like that would still be too much temptation.

In other news, my hip is basically at like 95%.  I expected it to be really bad after the martian, but it was completely fine.  I'm not sure if the pre-race taper gave me enough rest for it to clear up, or if it was from sticking with my "old faithful" shoes, or if it was because I avoided hills for a couple weeks, but I'm just glad to not be in pain when I walk! 

I finally did find, buy, and try the peanut butter GU, and it is fine, but the mint chocolate is still my favorite.  I'm going to stick with that.  I did end up using one (mint chocolate) at the martian half around mile 6.  One great thing about the martian was that I never had any stomach issues and never felt like I had to pee.  That was a HUGE win.  Bowels, bladder, and weather...those are always the wrenches in the works that I can't really control. 

Interesting article:  Minds Built to Go the Distance.  I 100% agree that running is 75% mental.  Although the article didn't actually say that, so I'm not actually "agreeing" with anybody. 

I have a crush on one of the Jimmy John's guys.  I'm quite sure he's under 18.  Don't tell my husband.  Or the police.  Also, I think I had JJ's for dinner like 4 times this week.  (Because it's delicious, not because of the JJ's guy)

I went to the group long run for the earlier start this morning (7am), and did a whopping 6 miles.  Haha.  That is what I had planned on my schedule, but I kind of think I should have done more.  It was "long run" day after all.  On the other hand, my legs have been feeling dead all week and the break is probably a good idea.  I'll run other 6 easy probably tomorrow and then I work three 12-hour shifts in a row so who knows if I'll run then or not.  I'm going to try for at least an easy 3 miler on the middle work day. 

Here are some pictures from the Big House Big Heart that were taken by my friend so I didn't have them earlier:
Three (now former!) coworkers and me (the one looking like a bank robber).   Outer girls are both first-time 5K-ers! 
View down onto the field/finish line. 

You may have noticed the twitter feed and follow button in the sidebar to the right.  I'm new to twitter and still getting the hang of it.  Any recommendations on running people I should follow?

I made a half marathon progress plot like I did for my 5K times previously.  It exemplifies pretty well why I'm frustrated with my progress (or lack of) in the past few months.  (I'll refer to each race by number, from left to right, #1-7, as I elaborate).
Half Marathon Times
(1-Cleveland Fall Classic '05   2-Martian '06  3-Detroit '10  4-Nashville '11  5-Detroit '11  6-Vegas '11  7-Martian '12)
#1 was my first half-marathon ever (duh).  I ran it having never run more than 7 miles previously, and having been running for less than a year.  Probably less than 6 months.  #2 is my all-time PR, and although I was running a lot, I wasn't doing any speedwork or following any kind of training plan or anything.  There was a big gap where I didn't run from '06-'08, then another from '09-'10.  (With no half-marathons done in the brief time that I ran in '08-'09).  #6 Las Vegas I don't even count as a good measure of ability, because that race was a disaster and elbow to elbow packed and I had to dodge and weave the whole way.  Today, at #7, after running consistently for 2 years, and training specifically for this half marathon, I am at exactly the same finish time as I was on my first one ever.  I am the same weight as I was then, and though I'm obviously older, I'm only 28 (vs 21) and I don't think that comes with a performance decrease.  It's not until age 34 that the qualifying time for the Boston marathon increases at all.  To make matters worse, I joined 501 in December '11, and in doing so increased my days run per week from 3-4 to 5, and included some hills and speedwork, not to mention the increased pace for regular runs that comes from running with a group.  I really expected to see an improvement.  Perhaps I should go back to 3-4 days a week of running?  In training for Detroit '11 (my "recent history" PR) I sort-of followed the FIRST training program.  Maybe I should try that again?  Only being more diligent about the cross-training days, which I basically skipped before.  I don't know, I just feel like I must be doing something wrong.  Or maybe I'm at a plateau and a giant breakthrough is going to happen any day now.  I sure hope so.

Definitely part of my new plan will be losing a few pounds.  Partially because it will make me faster, and partially because summer running clothes are really pissing me off.

Regardless, I really need to get to work coming up with a new running schedule to accommodate my new job, which I start on Monday.  I won't be able to be as regimented about my schedule as I did when I was straight night shift (running the same 5 days each week, Saturday always long, Tuesday always hills or intervals, etc).  I'll have to work around my work schedule, which will vary each week, since I obviously won't be able to do an 12 mile run on the same day as a 12 hour shift.  (Well I *could*, but I would be miserable and exhausted and sleep-deprived. )  Also I won't be able to go to all the group runs since they start at 6:15pm and I won't get off until 7pm (sorry, I think I've mentioned this before).  Even on my days off I probably won't want to go to the group because I'll probably still wake up relatively early and who wants to wait around all day at home for 12 hours before they go run?  I'll probably just get it over with first thing.  Maybe I can email out to everybody and see if anybody else wants to do mornings, but the odds of finding interested people at a similar pace are probably not too good.

I guess I better stop blogging and get planning.  Sorry for the random and disorganized brain dump today!

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