Friday, April 27, 2012

Straddle the Line!

Today's run was great.  It was like 45-50 degrees, nice breeze, sunny.  And I had an easy 6 planned, which is a distance that tends to be the most fun for me for "normal" runs.  (Any less than that and it ends right as I get into a good groove; any more than that and it can be harder to get out the door, and harder to run at a faster pace because I tend to "save up" for later).  This is how it went:

  • Mile 0-1: This is such a nice day.  And this is downhill.  Yay. 
  • Mile 1-2: La-la-la.  Still downhill.  Running with music is fun. 
  • Mile 2-3: Oh shoot.  It's not downhill anymore.  System shock.  
  • Mile 3-4: Man, I'm not even to the 2 mile uphill part yet.  This is going to get ugly.  Life sucks.  
  • Mile 4-5: Found a good stride, found some good tunes, kind of zoned out. 
  • Mile 5-6: La-la-la.  Hey wait, haven't I been running uphill for awhile?  Why don't I feel like crap?  And why am I not doing my uphill snail-shuffle? Oh wow, I'm almost home, I better pick up the pace.
This was way better than I usually do on that climb at that end!  
This is the perfect example of why I'm not getting any faster.  I'm lazy.  I like to run because it's fun and relaxing.  When your legs and lungs are on fire it's not fun. At least not for me.  Hence my aversion to intervals, hills, and tempo runs.  I love junk miles.  I love looking forward to running (not dreading heading out the door because I know it's going to be hard).  Is it worth the dread and misery to be faster?   Not sure.  Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, my MVS today: Rio/Hungry Like the Wolf -- Glee Cast.  This was also my MVS from the Martian half but I forgot to mention it I think.  I love it!  Don't judge.  I just listened to it now and now I want to go run again.  (The lyrics were also the source of the title of today's post.  Maybe I should "straddle the line" between fun-running and performance-improvement running....)

Jeff just emailed me and said he and his coworkers were at lunch and saw me out running.  And of course he pointed me out to them.  (Jerk.)  I had on dark gray/black shorts with white piping and a pink stripes on the sides, a super bright neon yellow t-shirt, a blue bandana on my head, and a blue long-sleeved shirt tied around my waist.  So pretty much nothing matched.   Also, I was probably running along singing to myself.  *Super*.  Thanks dear.  (I would show you a pic of my rockin' outfit but I didn't know he saw me until after I had already thrown my clothes in the washer and taken a shower).

Other exciting news: 501 has revamped their membership plans and fees, and the upshot is that you can run free with the group on Saturdays now too!  Saturdays are long runs, complete with water stops, and they usually have a huge turnout so you can always find somebody your pace.  Start at 7 or 8 am (whenever you want to start).  Kind of sucks that I already paid $300 for the 2012 year and now all of a sudden it's free though.  Oh well.  Check out the website, and drop in sometime!  I'll be there at 8am tomorrow (Ann Arbor Downtown Running Fit), doing 10 miles, maybe more.  


  1. Trying not to judge.... so hard.... I can get the original Duran Duran versions - that's guilty pleasure territory, but the Glee version?? Trying to accept.... Arrrrrrgh.... OK I'm good. Glad ya like it! :P

    I sometimes think I'm lazy too, but I'm enjoying myself and I'm still getting faster, so it's all good. If I stop improving, I may have to make some hard choices and add more structure to my workout plans. I don't like not getting faster. I think I have way too much potential to get better not to continue to go faster.

    1. Yeah I was just running along getting faster without really "trying" other than just running a lot, but I seem to have plateaued, unfortunately. If I just ride it out I suppose I might still get faster later on, if I'm patient. Might be better that way than the pushing myself and hating running way.


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