Saturday, May 19, 2012

4x5 < 20

"I don't have a runner's body, but I have a runner's heart -and that is all you need." -Jennifer Morris

(I sure wouldn't mind having a runner's body though...)
Running doesn't suck today.

As you may remember, I had planned on running long yesterday (Friday) so my 5K on Sunday wouldn't be immediately after a long run.  You may also remember that I didn't do it yesterday, mostly because my hip really hurt.  Today my hip still hurt, but not as bad, and I decided a nice slow long run would probably loosen me up and not do any damage for the 5K tomorrow.  Of course the 5K doesn't really matter anyway.

So I went to the 501 group run and did 12 miles.  It was kinda hot and kinda boring (I ran alone and didn't bring music), but it was okay because I went a such an easy pace that it was relaxing.  Today made me dread the marathon training less.  The main reason I dread marathon training is the 20 mile run.  18 sounds fine, 20 does not.  Don't ask me why.  The route for today's 12 miler was a 4-mile loop, followed by 4 miles out & 4 miles back (on a different route).   So it was easy/obvious to think of today's run as 4 miles x3.  And 20 miles is just 4 miles x5.  Pssht.  No big deal.  That strategy worked for my first marathon too.  I only ever considered myself to be running to the next water stop (when I would take a drink and walk), and there was a water stop about every 2 miles.  Works wonders.

My replacement Garmin came today.  I'm glad, but also kind of sad.  It was nice to not have my pace staring at me all the time.  Even if I don't look at it, it still stares at me when I get home and upload it to the computer.  Today I didn't care at all about pace and have no idea how long it took me to do the 12.  I didn't look at the clock when I left, and then I took a short break to move my car after the 4 mile loop  when I realized I wouldn't be done by 9am when the meters start being enforced.  So who knows.  I know it was > 10 min/mile, hopefully < 11.  Probably something like 10:45 overall average if I had to guess.  The Garmin makes running fast stressful too.  I never would have run on Wednesday at the 8:22 pace we did the first 2.5 miles if I had known that's how fast we were going.  It felt hard, but I still thought it was more like 9:00-9:15, and intentionally avoided asking my running buddy until we got to the halfway point.  I probably shouldn't have asked at all.

In clothing news, I tried on Jeff's new compression shorts.  I don't know if it's the fact that they are mens', or that they are size XL, but I really like how high waisted they are.  (Surprisingly, even higher than the maternity compression shorts I got, which were somewhat disappointing, though I probably should have gone with a L instead of an M).  I have hesitated to buy mens' compression shorts because I figured they would have extra fabric in the nether-regions, but they seem to be fine.  Maybe I finally found a solution to my muffin top problem that doesn't involve eating less chocolate.  I just wish running clothes weren't so damn expensive.

After the 12 miler today we (me, my husband, and his parents) spent the day putting in a brick patio, so at least my legs didn't have time to tighten up since I was moving so much.  On the downside, I'm now completely exhausted. 

So anyway, 5K w/ Irina tomorrow.  This is my "anniversary" 5K.  In 2010 when I started this bout of running, this was the first race I ran.  I ran it again in 2011, and obviously tomorrow will be the third year in a row.  It seems to be on the same course, so it is a good benchmark of progress, even if my legs aren't exactly fresh for tomorrow.  The route is nice except for one really steep stupid hill, which is of course near the end (out & back route).  In 2010 I ran it in 34:52 (11:14/mi, 11th AG, also the only race that Irina ever beat me in :P  ), 2011 was 26:27 (8:31/mi, 1st AG), so I'm hoping for anything better than last year for tomorrow.  I've been running 5Ks around 25:00 (8:00/mi) recently so that's about what I expect, though anything could happen given the bad hip pain and the 12 miler today. 

I finally registered for the DxA2 half this evening.  Sure hope it's not hot.  Same goes for the 5K tomorrow now that I think about it.

I need some ideas for strength training plans.  Either < 45 mins 2x/week or <15 mins 4x/week.  Something with a set duration (ie 6 weeks) so I can see the end, and ideally with measurable progress (ie increasing weights or reps).   Or I might just try to find some classes.

Also I need good vegetarian recipes.  Healthy, but not super low calories.  (I don't want to be hungry!).  I need to start cooking and strength training if I'm going to work on getting that runner's body ;).  Maybe I should have thought of that before I had Red Robin for dinner, followed by S'mores.   Live and learn. 

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