Sunday, May 6, 2012

5K in PA!

"If you never have a 'bad' day, you're probably doing something wrong; if you never have a 'good' day, you're definitely doing something wrong." -Mark Remy
I had 5 days in a row off of work and used that time to go to PA to visit family.  I am proud to report that I ran all 5 days, despite 2 of those days being driving days, and the fact that I ran a 5K in there, AND it was hot & humid (and hilly) on at least 1-2 of those days.  Woot.  (Wed thru Sun: 6m, 6m, 5m, 5K, 8m).  Back to work tomorrow for one 12 hr shift, and then three days of 8 hr training classes, which I'm super excited about because A.) I'll get to go to my group runs this week,    B.)I like learning things, and C.)I get to sit on my ass all day and will have time to actually eat and drink and pee.  So yay.  The 5 days off went by way too fast though; I didn't really get the studying done that I wanted to do.

It was fun though!  One of the main reasons I went was to see my brother in his first week back from Afghanistan, but I barely saw him at all; he was too busy partying hard with his friends, haha.  (He's 22).

My dad once again said he would come to the race and then changed his mind at the last minute.  This is only like the 5th time that's happened.  I don't care, but just don't say that you're going to go if you don't want to!!  (Are you reading this?!?)

The 5K was a huge success.  My mom, sister, (crazy) Irina, and I all registered.  I went in with low expectations because on my warm up jog I discovered it was very hilly, and because I hadn't really rested beforehand (the race was my 4th day in a row of running).  So I just focused on maintaining a consistent hard effort (which resulted in slowing down on the uphills), to make sure I at least got a solid tempo workout in, and wasn't too concerned about my pace.   I didn't think I had a shot at  an age group award, because while it was a small race, they were 10 year age groups, so my group was Female 18-29 rather than the usual 25-29 at most races.  Since it was an out & back route, I was able to count the females in front of me during the race, and I was 6th overall female.  Given that, I knew I would get an award even if all of the women were in my age group, since the first 3 would get overall trophies and wouldn't be counted in the age group awards.  I got lucky and the 4th and 5th place ladies must not have been in my age group, because I ended up with 1st!  My finish time was 25:28, and the 2nd and 3rd age group times were in the 27's.

My sister wanted my nephew to go up with me to get my award :)  He's trying to enjoy a post-race bagel, despite the fact that he has no teeth. 

 I was really happy with my time.  Technically, it was the slowest 5K of the four I've done since May 2011, but not by much, and it was a very tough course in my opinion.  Lots of steep hills, some not very long, but still hills nonetheless.  I think it was the most difficult course I've run for a 5K.  And the AG award was a nice bonus :)  I have lots of pictures, too many to include in this page, so you can see them all here

My sister said she had a good time, and wants to more 5Ks, so yay!  (I'm pretty sure that was her first).  My mom walked with my nephew, which was super hard on those hills.  I doubled back after I finished to come in again with them, and we had to sing "Baby Beluga" repeatedly because the baby kept crying and he loves that song.  Crazy Irina who drove all the way from Michigan to meet my family and do the 5K had to learn it so she could help :)
Me, mom, sister, crazy, and baby (who is now eating one of the "survival bracelets" we got at the race.
After the race and lunch with everybody, Crazy Irina and I hopped in the car and drove the 1.5 hrs to my hometown, where we got a quick photo.  
Me with my two most dedicated blog readers and commenters (my Grandma and Irina).  I look like the Jolly Pink Giant next to them.  For the record, I'm only 5'6".  Actually about 1/4" shy of that. 
Then Irina insisted that we have walkie talkies since we were in separate cars for the 6-7 hr drive back to Michigan, so we detoured to Wal-Mart for those.  
For the record, I'm NOT the one taking photos (and posting to facebook) while driving.  That title goes to Ms. Crazy.  I would be the sane person in the car ahead in the photo. 
I got home at like 12:15 am Saturday night, and was very tired Sunday morning and didn't feel like running, but I did go later in the day, at about 4pm for an "easy" 8 miler.  I just took it slow and it was a nice run.  I ended up keeping a very even pace, which was nice.  (Except an expected speed decrease on the 2 mile uphill at the end).  I'm starting to like running solo again, it's nice to not care about my pace and not be worried about keeping up with other people.  And I don't feel bad about doing truly easy pace runs now that I am making more of an effort to get in legitimate speed days and more frequent 5Ks (without resting before).  (I like that this happened on one week and now I'm acting like it's a regular thing, haha).  I'm hoping to see some PRs in my future, if the heat stays away for another month or so.  Otherwise, definitely in the fall!!  I'm thinking about doing another 5K in two weeks, I'm only hesitating because it would be the day after a 13 mile group long run.  I may just wait and see how I feel that Saturday and register race day that Sunday if I feel okay.  Although I think I recall that this particular race doesn't give AG awards, because  I "won" 1st AG last year but they only did overall.  Not that that really matters, but it's always nice to have a chance at bringing home a medal at these small races!

Now I am wide awake at 9:45 pm.  I was exhausted an hour ago but then I went to the store for S'mores supplies and the sugar kind of woke me up.  Good way to end the weekend though.  I'm going to be very tired at work tomorrow.  Good night!
Wrapping up the looong weekend.  There were S'mores. 


  1. Super great trip!! Same time next weekend??

  2. Yayy Congrats on the age group win!!! It looks like it was a fun trip too.

  3. Great race, Ty! If I wasn't involved in that yard sale, I would have found a way to get there. I'm proud of Chelsea and your mom too for participating. WTG!


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