Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feel the BURN... x2!

Yesterday I could have rested, but since I only did 5K Sunday (instead of my normal 6 miler), and since I've been griping about not doing my strength training, I decided to do a super easy 2 mile run to warmup before doing some strength exercises.  The 2 mile run was nice enough, but I still hate strength/weights.  Good thing I decided not to do legs yesterday (just arms, back, abs), because my legs took a BEATING today.  See below.  :)

I'm still not entirely sure what we "supposed" to do today at our group workout (the email was confusing to me), but here's what I did: 
  • ~ 1.5 mi "warmup" to the workout location.  I say "warmup" because I somehow ended up with one of the super fast boston girls, whose warmup jog was sub 9:00.  (Which is super slow for her).  Not exactly my easy pace. 
  • Drills: "20 walking lunges, 20 march-ups, 20 butt-kicks, 20 squats".  Would you interpret that as 20 total or 20 each leg?  I thought about it like this: 20 squats is obviously working both legs.  20 total marchups and 20 total butt-kicks take like no-time-flat, so that can't be right.  20 walking lunges on each leg sure is hard, but that must be it, because I've established that I'm doing 20 each leg of march-ups and butt-kicks, and the 20 squats works both legs 20 times already.   So I did 20 walking lunges PER LEG, 20 march-ups PER LEG, 20 butt-kicks PER LEG, and 20 squats.  
  • 1 mile run at 20-30 secs faster than HM race pace.  I messed this up the first time and shorted it to 0.69 miles.  I did it right the next 2 times. 8:31 pace for this one.  
  • Drills again.  Same as the first. 
  • 1 mile run again.  Only this time I actually went a mile.  8:41 pace. 
  • Drills again.  Same as the other two. 
  • 1 mile run again.  8:35 pace. 
  • ~1.1 mi cool-down back to the car.  ~ 10:30 pace (several long uphills).
  • Total running distance was just over 5 miles, not counting all the drills.  I think coach wanted us doing like 8 miles, plus drills, but I was like....no.  
My legs were on fire, even during the first set of lunges.  I was like, WTF, how am I supposed to do 3 more sets of these??  As I was working on the 2nd and 3rd set, I noticed other people were starting the drills after me and finishing before.  Hmmmm.  So finally after the 3rd set I asked coach if each set was supposed to be 20 walking lunges per leg or 20 total (10 per leg).  She said 20 TOTAL.  Crap.  No wonder my legs are burning.  So I did 60 lunges per leg by the time I was done.  Needless to say, I skipped the 4th set and went home.  I must have done something lopsided though, because my R quad is way sorer than my L quad.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  I hope somebody slow comes to the A2Runners meetup group, because I will NOT be moving very fast.  (Maybe 60 lunges per leg isn't that much to some of you, but to someone who hasn't done a single lunge in the past 4 months, trust me, it's A LOT).  Ouch.

Stronger, faster:  here I come.  

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  1. You're just an overachiever :)


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