Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I can't walk, but I can RUN!

SOOOO sore after yesterday's workout.  I pretty much walked around all day barely bending my knees.  (Quads are torn up, pretty bad; a little in the butt too).

I showed up like 25 minutes early to my group run, so sat around noticing how incredibly sore I was and how it was hot and I was NOT feeling like running AT ALL.  I knew only fast people were coming today, so I figured I'd go it alone and brought some music.  They were nice and slowed up a bit for me, so I ran w/ them the first 2.5 miles.  Then I turned around 1/2 mile early alone and figured they'd catch me shortly, but I ended up maintaining a pretty fast pace even by myself (9:13, 9:14 on my own).  I ended up not listening to my music at all either.  I was in a nice zone and thought the music would actually f* it up. 

I was totally surprised.  I was like, great, my legs must be loosening up.  (They were definitely sore when I was running, but they kept turning over, so who cares??)   When I stopped running though, walking was still a pathetic struggle.  I was practically gimping it from the car to the sushi place for dinner.  Strange how that works.

The soreness seemed to force me to take smaller/quicker strides, which is better for me anyway (and I think the reason the faster pace didn't feel bad).  My form was better today than usual.  I'll have to do more lunges to force good form until it becomes a habit. :)

Tentatively planning on doing the Solstice 10 miler in June and the CRIM 10 miler in August.  No time goals because it's SUMMER and I hate summer.  I'm just going to run them and they will make me stronger for the fall when I am going to TEAR IT UP and PR at every distance because the cool weather will make everything feel like a piece of cake.  Just you wait and see. 

Here are some pictures of our new brick patio that we put in last Saturday that I mentioned before:
Don't mind Callie's butt.  I have 4 days off after tomorrow and probably will spending a significant amount of time in that hammock in the back.  Or by the fire with s'mores.  
The brick part is new. 

Callie felt we should be focusing on her.

Callie in the background again.  Geez. Those bamboo "stakes" are to keep the dogs out until those flowers take hold. 

Molly didn't want her picture taken, but I didn't want her to feel bad that Callie made 3 appearances and she didn't have any :)  She and I need to go on a diet!


  1. Love the doggy pics!

  2. Wow, I guess walking is over-rated! LOL

  3. Do the Solstice! I have no idea what possessed me to do it--10 miles at the end of JUNE?! But Jessica and I are going to run for "fun"--not worried about time--wearing grass skirts and leis and all that. You're welcome to join us :)


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