Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Recap (+ Race Report)

Busy weekend = long blog post.  Don't worry I have lots of pictures (thanks to Irina) to keep you entertained.

#1:  Congrats Bayshore runners!  Megan  and Matt (1st marathons!), Alexis and David (10K PRs!), and a whole slew of 501 teammates at varying distances.  I may see you there next year for the half.

Had a little cookout slash doggy play date Saturday.  Fun.

Decided to do the Novi Memorial Day 10K this morning (despite a 9:15 am start and a high above 90 degrees today!).  There were several reasons for this.  1) the T-shirts were SO cute.  2) it's time for my annual "operation heat acclimation".  3) I need races to make me run "fast" in the summer heat.  4) I need to set a baseline of "hot" race times, so I can go for "hot" PRs in future years, since "real" PRs are out of the question.  If that makes any sense at all.  The only summer baseline distance I really have is the 10 mile (CRIM 2010).  I should hopefully have two chances at summer 10 milers this year (Solstice, CRIM).

Anyway, the race website said shirts not guaranteed if registering after 5/16, but I figured if I got there at the start of race day registration I would get one.  I was there while they were still setting up (like 2nd person in line), but they were already out of shirts!!  I was SO SAD.  The shirts were hot pink, with a simple race name and some runners on the front, and no advertisements!  They were like the best shirts ever.  Irina took a picture of my "no shirt sad face".
Out of shirts.  :(
On the bright side, they gave us $5 off each registration for not getting shirts.  And the lady couldn't do math, so we actually got $7.50 off each registration (a total of $15 off).  I tried to correct her, but she still wasn't getting it, and there were people behind me, so I was like okay fine, give me too much money back.  I can only fight so much.  (The registration was supposed to be $34 for the 10K and $29 for the 5K, minus $5 off each registration b/c we didn't get shirts (so $29 for the 10K + $24 for the 5K = $53).  I gave her $60.  She gave me $12 back.  You do the math.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Pretty sure I was only supposed to get $7 back.  Maybe she thought she gave me a five and accidentally gave me a ten instead.  So yeah, I robbed a charity today, and it gets worse.  More on that later.

So the race was pretty small, and I wasn't too impressed with the pre-race organization (inaugural event, no signs for where to turn/park, volunteers confused, bad $$ math, out of t-shirts), and since it was a hot day, I decided to carry water with me, out of fear that there would be too few water stops, or they would run out of water.  This is the first time I have ever worn a water belt at a race.  This is ALSO the first race I have ever run without music!  I didn't even bring it with me.  Well, it was in the car.
Why isn't anybody else running??
Irina was mad at me for not "cooperating" with her picture taking ( I kept turning my back).  So that's how she got the photo above.  That was me cooperating.  As was this:
I'm such a good cooperator. 
So the race was TOUGH.  Very hot (9:15 am is way too late to start!)  Several long hills.  And the 10K course was really weird.  I wasn't a fan of it.  Weird partial repeats of a loop.  I was seriously confused.  I didn't know if the people I was running head on against were ahead of me or behind me; 10Kers or 5Kers.  I'm so glad I carried water.  I used it to pour on my head pretty frequently.  And I was RIGHT: the last water stop had NO WATER.  (In my opinion that should never happen, but obviously I wasn't surprised.) As for my time, I didn't have any goals or anything, I just wanted to maintain a hard effort, and not stop and walk.  Mission accomplished!  Final time 57:32.  Ugliest splits ever!  (Unless you read them backwards).
Pretty standard progression for hot weather I think.  For me at least. 
Irina ran the 5K and finished like 1 minute ahead of me.  (The 5K started at 9:30am).  I wish I would have run a touch faster so I could have finished with her.  Or passed her :).  (Really I don't think I could have though, I used pretty much all I had I think).  As soon as we finished, we went straight to the registration table to see if they ended up having leftover shirts.  I had a feeling that some of the pre-registered people would ditch based on the hot weather.  I was right!  We got our shirts!  SOOOO happy!
Aren't they awesome?!?  (And no, I didn't put back in the $5/$7.50, I honestly didn't think of it until after we left)

I really think it's my favorite race tee ever.  There aren't even any ads on the back! 
After the race we proceeded to breakfast at Denny's, using our walky-talkies en-route of course.  I selected chocolate chip pancakes with hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream.  I selected whole wheat pancake batter, so it was very healthy.  :D  I mean really, it was only 2 pancakes, stop judging me.
Um, can you say yum? 
Got home and spent about 4 minutes on the couch, then Jeff and I headed out to go kayaking.  They put in new cascades between Argo and Gallup so you don't have to pick up your kayak and go around the dam.  It was really fun!  It was crowded though, lots of people floating about.

Drunken floating fools.  Sorry for the angle. 
Fools jumping off a bridge. 

Okay, almost done, I promise.

I was planning on starting this #plankaday thing.  I was thinking just a regular plank plus lower back exercises one day (with increasing duration of planks), and then side planks on the next day, and alternating.  Just super quick, shouldn't take more than 5 minutes per day.  The thing is that it's 9:30pm now and I haven't done my side planks yet (yesterday was "normal" planks), so I'm not optimistic.  I also wanted to do 20 more EKG practice strips before my test at work tomorrow.  Oops.  We'll see.  Damn this overly long blog entry.

Also considering doing the Runner's World summer run streak (May 28- July 4): #rwrunstreak.  So on rest days I would do a SLOW 1 mile jog to maintain the streak, instead of complete running rest.  Plus my planks of course.  We shall see.  I hope that this isn't a dumb move that makes me injury prone, especially right at the beginning of my marathon training.  And at the end of my half marathon training (when I should be tapering/resting!).

Speaking of half marathons, the DxA2 is this Sunday.  I'm thinking of "running commando".  No, I don't mean without underwear, I mean without my Garmin and without music.  I'm like 90% sure I'm leaving the Garmin at home, still thinking I may at least carry my music "just in case", if the going gets rough.  Hoping for cool weather still, so I have a chance at a respectable performance.

Phew.  Thanks for hanging in there, if you even made it this far.



  1. Thanks for the blog love! Very cool you got to run the Novi Memorial Run... I wanted to do it too, but figured it'd be too close to Bayshore. That sucks you didn't get a shirt- don't they know that's why we run races? :) Great finish time, especially in this heat! Extra props for that!

  2. Great job, especially in the heat! The first couple of races in hot weather can be especially brutal. I'm glad it worked out that you got a race shirt after all.

    Thanks for the blog link and Bayshore congrats -- I really appreciate it! The title "marathoner" has a nice ring to it. :)


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