Friday, May 18, 2012

Running Sucks.

That's pretty much why you haven't heard from me this week.  I've been in a bit of a funk and haven't wanted to drag anybody else down with my whinery.  But, a post must be written, so whine I shall. 

My hip is killing me again.
My quads were sore after running too fast on Wednesday.
So I ran too fast on Thursday too.  I skipped a run today.  I'm telling myself it's because my hip hurts worse than usual, but it may be just laziness.
I don't want to do my long run tomorrow (which I had planned on doing today).
I don't want to do a 5K on Sunday.
I don't want to do my half marathon June 3rd.
I don't want to start marathon training.
I DO want to start cross-training and doing strength training for better overall fitness and injury prevention, but I HATE cross-training and strength training, so I keep just thinking about how I'm NOT doing it and getting mad at myself.  I deserve this sore hip. 
I'm thinking about dropping from 5 runs/week to 4 runs/week. 
My replacement Garmin still hasn't arrived.  :(
I gained back the 5 lbs that I lost.  (Thank you fire pit and s'mores)
My new job is stressing me out.
I hate hot weather.
I miss working night shift.  I miss working 8 hr shifts.  I miss my old coworkers.  I almost miss my old job. 
I wish I didn't have dogs.  They are driving me insane.

(I was totally into this video until the part where she becomes all positive.) 

Okay, I better go finish the laundry and change the litter boxes.  Yippee. 


  1. OK, vent allowed, BUT you are a rock star runner and might just be over doing it! You really ought to slow down and HAVE FUN on your runs. Which of course, means run with us :)

    Maybe it's selfish, but it could be fun!!

  2. Can't get much worse, right?

  3. Wow, I feel better now! LOL, Just a bad patch in the run of life.............


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