Friday, May 25, 2012

Things that are slower than me

  1. An overweight 5 year old lab/rottweiler mix in humid 84 degree heat.

  2. Traffic this time of year. (Orange barrel season).

  3. Molasses in January?  What does that even mean? Do they mean pouring cold molasses?  I never had any experience pouring molasses at all until I became a nurse.  (It does pour slowly, even at room temperature).  M&M enemas smell like whoppers.  I hate whoppers.

  4. ...Nevermind.....that's pretty much all I got....#1 was the only one I wanted to talk about...

I decided to take both dogs running with me today.  It was pretty hot and humid so I didn't care about my pace, so I figured it would be a good day to take them.  I use the "Buddy System" leash, so I can have both dogs with me at the same time and still be hands-free.  It's pretty amazing.

This is not me, or my dog.  One day I'll get a picture of the three of us in action for you.

Usually, I either take them individually for 3 miles each, or I take them together for 3 miles and then drop Molly off and continue on with Callie for 3 miles more.  I don't run with my dogs very often.  Callie gets diarrhea when she runs, which she "releases" without even stopping.  You can't really pick up liquid poop so I end up leaving presents on the sidewalks for my neighbors.  (If I do take her, I tend to do it during the workday or at night, when people are less likely to catch us in the act; or I keep her in the street instead of the sidewalk).  Plus, when she goes it often sprays/drops onto her hind legs, necessitating a mini-bath upon our return home.  Otherwise, Callie is a great running buddy, she stays right at my side: no pulling, no lagging behind, no criss-crossing in front of me or lunging at interesting smells.  Molly, on the other hand, is not a great running buddy.  She drags me for a bit in the beginning, crosses back and forth, and is everywhere BUT at my side.  Then she wears herself out and I have to drag her the rest of the way.  Which is why she gets dropped off after 3 miles, while Callie continues on with me. 

Today, I hooked them both up together and we went out for 3 miles in the heat.  I was hoping the heat would slow them down a bit so Molly wouldn't pull me, and that was pretty much true.  Unfortunately it was a little TOO true.  Molly burned out even faster than usual, at like 1.5 miles. I spent 1.5 miles yanking her along saying "c'mon Molly, almost can do it, speed the f* up already..".   I couldn't get her to any faster than an 11:00 min/mile!!  Callie did great, but she was really panting too, so I dropped them both off at the house after 3 miles and did my last 3 alone. 

I'm really glad they made me go so slow though.  If I had gone a more "normal" pace the first lap in this weather, I probably wouldn't have gone a 2nd lap.  It actually made it a quite enjoyable run.  Maybe summer isn't so bad after all.  I'm just a little afraid that if I keep using the heat as an excuse to go slow that I'll end up losing speed over the summer.  I'm thinking about maybe busting out my HR monitor to make sure I'm stressing my body sufficiently at least 1-2 runs per week over the summer.  That thing is so annoying though.  Somebody needs to invent a sports bra that you can thread a HR monitor through, so they don't move around relative to the bra and get all bunchy and weird and uncomfortable.  Or I could just make one, I guess it wouldn't be that complicated.

The dogs were both completely worn out after our run.  Calm dogs = Happy Ty.  :)  Maybe we'll do this more often.


  1. Maybe you should google the HR thing. Huh?



    1. Nice. Now if only I was the type of person who would pay $100 for a bra.

  3. They still do M&M enemas? I've never done one in 13 years!

    If you have a Garmin, they have 2 different kinds of straps and that might help.

    As far as the heat and speed, I wouldn't stress too much about going a little slower. My coach tells us that when it cools down, the speed will still be there. And it is!

  4. #4 would be ME.

    Also, I discovered that when I started running slower with Jessica for marathon training, I actually ENJOYED my runs. I used to suffer through them miserably, but something about slow and easy makes running more enjoyable. But it did slow my pace down from prior to marathon training. I used to run about a 9:10 pace on a typical run, and now it's more like a 10:30 pace.


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