Friday, May 4, 2012

Triple H and the Summer Slog

“Don’t worry that you’re not strong enough before you begin.  It is in the journey that you become strong.”  (unknown source)
Triple H run this morning.  The trifecta of running hell.  Hot. Humid.  Hilly.   I wanted to do an "easy 6" to pseudo-rest before the 5K tomorrow, but alas hot, humid, & hilly do not an easy run make.  I didn't end up going back to the park I ran at yesterday, because I didn't want to waste the time driving there and back.  I did a loop from my dad's house, which I planned on doing twice (so I could stop in the middle for water).  It was pretty miserable out.  When I got back after the first loop I checked my watch and it was only 2.5 miles.  If it would have been 3 miles I would have called it a day and stopped, but since it was only 2.5 I repeated the loop for 5 total miles.  
The hills in this area PA are brutal.  I think worse than anything coach G dishes out in Ann Arbor.  Or maybe it's just because I'm going it alone.  I don't know.  Anyway, the good thing was that because it was so hot and hilly, and because I'm doing the 5K tomorrow that I absolutely didn't care how slow I went.  I was more focused on making sure my legs DIDN'T burn on the hills.  So it was at least a low stress run, even if I was a sweaty mess. 
I am proud of myself for even going at all, rather than completely resting for the 5K like I usually would.  I  need to run on ALL of my days off work if I want to have any decent mileage for the week at all.  This week is going to be 6m, 6m, 5m, 5K in a row, and maybe an 8-10m added on to the streak Sunday too to make 5 days in a row.  It's nice to treat the 5K as just a tempo run, not expecting it to be a PR or adding any value to it.  I actually don't even think it's chip timed.  (Do they still have those??)
 As for this heat, welcome to summer everybody.  I've been reading some other people's blogs celebrating the "start of the racing season" and I have to laugh, because this is the end of race season for me, and the beginning of the summer slog.  The time of the year where I just get out and get the miles in and all training pace and race pace goals go out the window because I can't handle the heat.  "Just keep running....just keep running" (like Dory, only she swims, although I will kind of be sweat...) until the weather gets cooler in September/October and race season returns for me again!  This year should be better than last year though because my work schedule is more amenable to early morning running (before the real heat sets in) than it was last year when I was working night shift.
Still hoping June 3rd is nice and cool for the DxA2 half marathon though!
Visiting my nephew.  Yeah, I know, I've been wearing that orange shirt a lot.  It's new and I like it!


  1. Good job and glad you're enjoying your trip.

    I will get up quite early on the weekends to get my running in and minimize the amount of heat I need to deal with this summer. May is probably my favorite running month - after that it can be uncomfortable.

  2. 1. Congrats on first place!
    2. Super cute pic. :) :)


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