Thursday, June 7, 2012

Easy Does It

{warning: Random photos interspersed below, unrelated to surrounding text. }
Jeff and I, pre DxA2.
My post-half-marathon pre-marathon-training recovery week has been going splendidly.  I did easy runs yesterday and today each at about 3.5 miles.  So far this week I've yoga'ed twice (and fallen on my ass twice), and done a bunch of planks for my #plankaday "commitment" on twitter.  I got a massage today which was kind of  a waste (I didn't like my guy's technique), and then foam rolled and used The Stick to get a "better" massage in.  I am generally not a foam roller (today was only my second time), and I just bought my Stick today using a gift card I had for running fit, so these are new to me, and I think the foam rolling really helped.  My hip/glute/hamstring is already feeling much better.  (The pain is deep, right where my butt meets my thigh in the back...not sure what you call that spot).  The main struggle has been watching my food intake so that I don't gain weight with this reduced mileage.  So far so good though.  I have been really focusing on my form and my stride too.  (Shorter steps, landing on my mid or fore foot instead of heel, better posture).

501 group photo, pre DxA2
The moral of the story is that I feel great.

I plan to continue on at this pace and with the above modifications to my form and post-run routine as I transition into marathon training next week.  I am actually surprised at how fast these slow runs have been.  I am focusing on not straining at all and was expecting in the 10:45-12:00 min/mile range, but they have so far been falling out around 9:45-10:15.  All the better I guess.  Maybe it's just because they've been so short.  We'll see how it goes at Saturday's 6 mile "long" run (haha!). 

 I modified my marathon training plan from 5 days a week to 4, so that I basically just run every day I don't work.  For now, I'm keeping with all easy/slow runs, but hopefully in a month or so I'll be able to add in some tempo/pace runs without aggravating my ham-ass (I believe I stole that term from SUAR, not sure though).  I'm pretty excited for the hot summer running, and for the marathon training runs.  (This doesn't sound like me at all!...)

Me and some gatorade, @ mile 11 of the DxA2 Half Marathon

 Apparently I missed the cue for when to smile.  This is pre-Wednesday night group run with A2Runners via 



  1. I highly recommend Eric at the Relax Station for a massage. He's fabulous and not afraid to just get in there!

  2. blergh, what a pain to get a massage and have it feel like it didn't do much. Glad you're feeling good though! Hope the new modifications help with your plan. I know it helped me a lot when I cut down my running days too.


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