Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Have you ever seen the movie Gattaca?  I saw it a long time ago, and was reminded of it when I went to a group run yesterday that I had never been to before.  There is one point in the movie where Ethan Hawke's character beats his brother (genetically engineered to be superior) in an out & back swimming race.  When later asked how he did it, he said "I never saved anything for the swim back."

I was running yesterday as the only newcomer in a small group of regulars, who were doing a pretty fast clip (8:00-8:15).  I was staying with them pretty well, and feeling pretty good, and doing a decent job of talking to them and trying not to look like I was going to die.  I asked them how far they were going, and they said a 7 or 8 mile loop.  Obviously I wasn't going to make it that far without backing way off the pace, and I didn't want to do that in case some kindhearted soul would feel obligated to stay back or something.  So I decided I would just turn around early and do an out & back instead.  Which of course had me thinking from then on about how I had to save something and leave enough in the tank for the way back.  As soon as I turned around (at mile 2.6) I dropped the pace WAY down.  I'm wondering how long I could have stayed with them if I didn't have to save anything for the return trip?  One of these days on the fast group runs (Monday with RF or Tuesday with T&H), I'm just going to run and keep up with everybody until I can't run any further, and then call for a cab or a pick-up from Jeff or take the city bus home.  It would be so freeing to not have a set distance that I have to achieve to make it back (i.e. a loop, an out & back, or even just the distance scheduled for the day);  no need to save anything, no worrying about whether I'll be able to hold the pace long enough to complete the loop, or turning around early to make sure I can make it back, just running fast until I can't anymore and then the run is officially over, no matter how far it was. Does that sound super fun to anybody else?  I'm definitely going to do it.  Could be a great confidence builder for racing.

In other news, I seem to be popping up on the internet in a hula skirt, as predicted.  Jeff (Detroit Runner) caught me in the act ruining the hula girls nicely choreographed dance (kind of in the middle of the post):

We also made the recap video for the 10K & 5K (first clip):

Anybody racing this weekend?  I don't think I know anybody who is.  I registered for the Crim 10 miler, will I be seeing anybody there in August?


  1. I'll do a forever race with you, Auntie Ty!

  2. I set my 5K PR by just saying, "Screw it," starting out too fast, and seeing how long I could hold on. Luckily I was able to hold on for the entire distance. Then I was wiped out for the 10K I had to run about 45 minutes later, but I didn't care. It's great you're running Crim! I'd like to run it and know they have price breaks for signing up early, but I probably won't decide for sure until closer to race day.

  3. I won't be running Crim this year. I'm doing the North Country trail half instead. Thanks for the shout out. Nice picture. Ha.


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