Friday, June 29, 2012

June, I bid you farewell

I know it is only June 29th, so my June recap is a smidge premature, but I am working tomorrow and will not be performing any kind of exercise (other than running around like a chicken with my head cut off and heaving patients around), so I won't miss anything by giving my summary early. 

June was the lowest mileage month I've had since 2010!  I had intentionally backed off the mileage and then taken a whole week off to rest/heal my ham-ass, and it definitely shows in my log.  I'm actually surprised at how low this month's mileage really didn't feel like I rested *that* much.

Luckily, I had a pretty solid buffer of extra mileage built up so far this year, so I am still on track for my goal of 1200 miles in 2012.  (Still 54.8 miles ahead in fact!).   One thing that I did really well this month was strength train.  It isn't easily seen on the calendar below, but red is running, other colors are various other exercise activities (spinning, weights, etc), and the dotted red means I did multiple things that day (ie running and weights).  While there are a LOT more days of complete rest than I have had in past months (mostly thanks to my new job, and not doing ANY exercise on the 3 days per week that I work a 12 hr shift), there are also a lot more dotted reds and other colors to show the other things I did this month.
The 11th-17th are the 7 days I took completely off running.  The 17th is the only non-work day that I failed to some kind of exercise, unless you count walking around at MIS for the NASCAR race (which actually wasn't as mind-numbingly boring as I expected). 
I usually struggle to get myself to do that much cross-training or strength-training (and honestly, I guess it was kind of a struggle), but I do feel MUCH better for it.  Less aches and pains, less weak and sloppy feeling when I run, less weakness in my ham-ass.  Hopefully I can stick with it.  Injury prevention is better than rehab right??

June also brought me the most fun race I've ever run (Solstice), and probably my hottest run ever (yesterday, at the peak heat of the day, 101 F, 108 heat index). 

My June running finale was this morning when I met RunsForCookies for a long run bright and early.  Having good company and conversation definitely made the miles go by faster, especially in the heat.   Plus, her route was FLAT, which I am not used to for long runs, thanks to Coach Gina's brutality skillfully crafted routes every Saturday at the 501 group run.  I needed all the help I could get this morning.  Plus, then we got to go to Cracker Barrel for pancakes.  Yum.
This was the running part, not the Cracker Barrel part.  (Actually it was the stopping-to-pose-for-a-picture-for-our-blogs part I guess.)  Thanks for the photo Katie! I still feel kinda like I should have asked you for an autograph! 

You know, this heat thing isn't so bad after all.   (Wait, did I just say something NOT pessimistic?)

Now, if someone could somehow arrange it so I don't have to work tomorrow and Sunday, that would be spectacular. 

Also, one of my dogs has the worst gas EVER right now.


  1. Great job, Auntie Ty!!

  2. Good job! (And nice dog toot mention!) :)

    My mileage for June is way down too. June started good with a 5k PR, but has been a struggle with weather, time, stress, etc. since then. Gonna start "official" training for Brooksie Way and Crim soon, so hopefully that, along with a work schedule change, will get me back on track.


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