Friday, June 1, 2012

May Recap & Pre-race Planning

Since the Martian half in April I haven't really been following a training plan, just a loose plan for long run length each week.  So I feel like I haven't been "training".  Yet somehow, May ended up being the HIGHEST MILEAGE month I have on record.  Cool.  Here's the May breakdown: 131.8 miles, 21:52:18.  Raced: two 5Ks, one 10K, no PRs but 1st AG in both 5Ks. 

 What's on deck for June?  The Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon is this Sunday (What? already?), so this week has been very low mileage (16.5 miles!!!).  I felt a little under-rested at Martian, so I'm trying to rest more for this one... hopefully I didn't go too far the other way.  On the bright side, it doesn't look like it's going to be sweltering hot on Sunday.  This is GOOD NEWS because it means I have a chance at a decent time.  This is BAD NEWS because it means I have a chance at a decent time.  Confused?  Me too.  I was looking forward to this race because it wasn't a "goal" race and because I could just go out and have fun and not care about my time.  Part of the reason it wasn't a goal race was because I was expecting it to be too hot to do very well.  Now it's not going to be hot, and since I blew my attempt at sub 2:00 and/or PR at Martian, it would be dumb not to try to get it Sunday.  But I don't want the pressure.  *sigh*.  I think I'm just going to be all creepy lurky behind a couple of the girls that I know are aiming for 2:00 and just pace off of them.  The major problem with that strategy is that they're stronger than me on the hills, so I'll have to pass them on the flats and downhills if I don't want to get ditched on the uphills.  I'm interested to see what happens! 

To refresh your memory, below were my goals for Martian (the only one I "met" was #5 w/ my 2:03:55). 
  1. 1:57:46 or better [This is an 8:59 min/mile average pace.  It would be cool to go sub 9:00 for a half, but this is unrealistic right now I think]
  2. Less than 1:58:49 [This would be an all-time PR]
  3. 1:59:59 or better [Sub-2:00.  Like the sub-9:00 min/mile goal, this is just a "pretty number" goal]
  4. Less than 2:02:45 [Minimum goal.  This is my "recent history" PR, since I started this running "bout" in May 2010]
  5. Finish...and do better next time!
In the spirit of race tradition, here are some goals for Sunday.  You may notice that I've toned it down a bit!
  1. Get a "recent history" PR, with anything better than 2:02:45.
  2. Beat my Martian time of 2:03:55
  3. Don't get a PW (personal worst!).  2:15:43 or better
Of course sub 2:00 and a PR are both also in the back of my mind, but I'm NOT typing them!!  Therefore they're not real goals.  Therefore I can't be disappointed if I don't do it.  I'm not irrational at all. 

I'm definitely not doing the pace band thing, and I'm not bringing my Garmin.  This is going to be really tough because I really want to see my splits when I'm done!  Oh well.  I am going to bring music.  Playlist TBD, but probably similar to Martian, since I haven't listened to music while running much since then, so I haven't worn out my songs. 

And THEN???

MARATHON TRAINING commences.  I'm planning on avoiding any intervals because my hip still isn't quite right, and the speedwork makes it worse.  I'm planning on dropping my pace WAY down and doing lots of easy runs and SLOW long runs, partially because of the heat, and partially because it's just more relaxing to run easy.  You may be seeing a lot of 11+ minute miles in my future this summer.  I took the dogs for another easy 2 miler the other day when it was still hot, averaged about 11:00 min/mile in 85 degree temps and barely even broke a sweat.  It was quite fun.  I could handle more of that this summer.  So yes, I'm treating marathon training as a break from running, and as a chance for my hip to heal.  :)

Also, I plan on doing YOGA, hopefully 3x per week.  I don't like going to yoga classes, for reasons very similar to those listed here: Reasons Behind Yoga Phobia (obviously I think these reasons apply more broadly than just to heterosexual males).  I have some DVDs, but they get old, and some of the instructors are annoying.  So this Dirty Yoga thing could be just what the doctor ordered.  And I actually like that the 3 sessions each week expire if you don't use them. If I pay for them, that gives me a little extra motivation to actually do it.  (And it's way cheaper than the studio classes here).  Also, the instructor is pretty easy on the eyes, and there's no crappy music in the background so you can listen to what you want.  The only gripe I have is that he says "right?" too much, but I can deal with that.  So yay.  We'll see if I actually stick with it.  Or start it, for that matter.....

I keep wanting to talk a bit about FOOD, but then I run out of energy/space after talking so much about running.  One day bleeps, one day.  (Bleeps= blog peeps.  I just made that up.  But somebody else probably did already too.)


  1. I don't know if I want to be a "bleep". Makes me think you're calling us something naughty that you need to censor. :)

    That is awesome that you run that many miles! I can't (or won't) run that much and am impressed that you do.

    You should have great weather for the race. Just relax and do your best. You'll do great!

  2. Good luck on Sunday! And I'm not confused by the good news/bad news chance at a decent time! Arooo!!

  3. Congrats on your highest mileage month ever! Good luck tomorrow. Try to get in a groove, and hopefully it'll work to pace off the girls you know are shooting for 2:00:00...just hope they don't fall off target!

    If you really want to track your splits without being tempted to see them while you're running, you might be able to do it by adjusting your Garmin settings (I don't know if every model allows this, though). I was supposed to run a half last month with no watch, but I wanted to track the mileage and data, so I set every screen on my Garmin to only display one field, and I set that field to something that didn't give me (or allow me to calculate) time or pace. I used total distance, and it worked well because after the race I had all the usual data I get with my Garmin, but during the race I had no idea what my time or pace were.

    Either way, good luck and have fun!!


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