Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A B.A.D. Run

B.A.D = Bathroom Arrival Disaster.  More on that later.  That's not all that made this run bad.  I blame Batman. 

Okay, so I'm on night shift this week, but off tonight.  I was on two, off one, on one, and then my sister is coming to visit.  The point is that Jeff wanted to go see Batman and this was the only night I could do it.  So instead of going to my group run at 6pm tonight, we went to dinner and a movie.  Dinner and movie were good.  After that was over, and tucking Jeff into bed (read: lying in bed watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" until he gets tired and kicks me out), I started freaking out about all the crap I had to do tonight, and how I was running out of time (it was midnight at this point).   List of things I would get done in a perfect world:
  • Run 6 miles
  • Workout video
  • Dishes
  • Change litter boxes (which involves first going to the store because we are out of litter)
  • Laundry
  • Clean spare bedroom and make bed, etc, for visitors
  • Clean office
  • Watch the first batman movie on the DVR. 
  • Write a blog post. 
  • Read some of my current book.  
  • Brush and bath the dogs.  They really stink and my sister has a mobile baby (toddler? he's like 10 months old).
I didn't want to have to go all the way to Meijer, and Kroger closes at 1am, so at 12:30 I went there to get the litter.  Yay, half of one task done.  Then I decided running was the highest priority, so I started procrastinating on that first.   It was probably 1:40am or so before I finally got out the door.  (I had to suit up the dog, put on all my reflective crap, fill my water bottle, find my headlamp, think about it and put it off for a while, etc). 

[Blog writing interrupted for a shower, as I remembered that I'm sitting on a fabric chair wearing peed-in shorts and covered in sweat]  (Shoot, I think there was a spoiler in there.)

Okay, nevermind, it's now 4am and this blog writing thing is taking too long.  I'm getting tired and only have running done so far.  Blog post aborted.  Stay tuned for another day when I hopefully will have time to tell my story. 

Reminders to myself of what to write: dark, battery,  scary, stupid, water weapon, downhill but still slow, deserted portajohn, dog, rapists, raccoons, glued on skirt, pee, thankful for (finally) street lights, Callie afraid of bridge seams and running out of energy, car-watching, fire-hose power sprinklers, miracle gro,  headlamp headache, dreadmill despite Jeff sleeping next time!  Okay, dishes next I guess.  But I really would like to sleep.  Or possibly eat peanut butter cups.


  1. What?! Tell us what happened!!

  2. I love reading your blog! You are so funny! Maybe you should write an Erma Bombeck type running book. It would sell like Nutella!

  3. Stopped by after seeing you won that race entry. Way to go. And then I snooped around. I"m also a big Goodreads guy. Never heard of Running ahead. Only mapmyrun, and more recently dailymile.


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