Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Productive Sunday

Had another slow run today; 6 miles on my "bowl route" the one that is 2 miles downhill, 2 miles flat, and then 2 miles uphill home.  It was still hot by my standards, but much better than it has been.  I actually got to run into the breeze on the 2 mile uphill part at the end, so that was nice.  My legs still just don't feel like they have any juice.  I wasn't *that* hot, and I wasn't breathing hard, but I just couldn't get my legs going; couldn't hit my stride.  They just wanted to shuffle hopelessly along.  Hopefully it's temporary.  I'm concerned about losing speed over the summer in this heat.  My fall comparison 5K is the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot at Hudson Mills.  I did it in 2010 and 2011, so it's nice to see where I compare on the same course year after year.  Well, it's "nice" unless I find that I've slowed dramatically over the past year!  (My spring comparison 5K is the Race for Your Memories at Kensington in May, but I don't even really like that race or the course, it just happens to be on I've run for 3 years in a row!).  Anyway, I've had this treadmill workout printed out and sitting in my treadmill's cupholder for about a year (along with some others):

The Progression. (from this article from Runner's World)
Begin with a 10-minute warmup, and then set your treadmill at a speed about 15 seconds per mile faster than your best recent 5-K pace (this new pace becomes your 5-K goal pace). For your first treadmill workout at this pace, run continuously for 5 minutes. Finish the workout with 10 to 20 minutes of easy cool-down running. For each of the next 10 weeks, run the same workout but increase the time you spend at your goal pace by 1 minute per week. At the end of 10 weeks, you should be able to run a 5-K race at your goal pace.

I'm thinking I should do that one day a week while it's hot to keep my legs going (and to get a break from the heat!)  I'll just do whatever mileage I had planned, and put the prescribed amount of fast running in the middle.  I'm interested as to how I'm supposed to be able to run a 5K at that pace when after the 10 weeks I'll only be at 15 minutes at race pace.  (Maybe they're assuming we're all fast runners!?!) Plus there's the fact that the treadmill is generally considered to be "easier" than outside.  Even if it's not, I don't have uneven terrain and hills to contend with.  But really, it doesn't matter.  The point is to run fast, even if the results aren't exactly as promised.  I'm not sure what my "current" 5K pace is, but I'm going to try setting the goal pace at 7:45 min/mile.  Definitely no slower than 8min/mile.  (2012 5Ks have been 8:03 to 8:27).   

This evening I had to do my new healthy habit of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner to take for work tomorrow.  I made cold yogurt oatmeal (flavored with PB2, bananas, and honey) for breakfast (one for tomorrow and one for Tuesday):
I really love this recipe.  You can find it here:
Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I forgot to stir it after I put the bananas in.  Oops.  I hope they don't get brown sitting on top.

While I was at it, I put my almonds and pretzels in individual baggies, weighed out on the food scale to match the serving size.  (I put the pretzel baggies back in to the original bag, so you can't really tell in the picture.  And the almonds just look like a bag of plastic, but you get the idea).  The JIF Chocolate Silk came preportioned already, thank goodness :).  I need to look for Nutella in individual serving cups like that. 
 And here is my giant lunch box packed with 1600 calories worth of food for the work day (not counting the 568 calories of breakfast because I doubled the oatmeal recipe for 16oz each instead of 8!).  The lunchbox is way bigger than you can tell in the picture.  The exact contents and calorie info are logged here, but if you want to see it, you better check it before 8pm tomorrow.  Chances are that life will happen and I'll end up eating something else instead.  (Like Pizza House last week.)  Oh well, at least I won't be starving all day and then bingeing when I get home!
Really blurry and useless picture.  Sorry.
Since I've been logging calories again  (June 21st), I've gone from 158.6 to 152.8.  I wouldn't say I've been restricting what I eat.  I've still been eating pretty much what I want, when I want, and it has averaged about 2100 calories a day.  I've just been smarter about planning ahead, not eating large portions of sweets, and keeping myself accountable in my log.  2100 calories is definitely maintainable.  It's when I try to go to like 1800 or lower that I have trouble.  We'll see how far 2100 calories a day takes me. 

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