Monday, August 13, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction

First, some updates on the Run Thru Hell.  Turns out I LOVE the T-shirt.  A cotton tee can be great if the fit is good and if it isn't white!
The pink is much brighter in real life.   Sorry it's wrinkly; I wore it to bed and just woke up when this was taken.  That is also why I cropped out my head.  The bottom is cropped out because I hadn't yet put on pants.  
Also, disregard anything I said previously about putting in race effort in Hell.  I wasn't sore AT ALL on Sunday.  Guess that means I probably didn't run hard enough.  Whoops.  That's okay, I was planning on it being a training run anyway.  What this really means is that I am running WAY TOO SLOW on all my runs in general.

So, to help fix this, I think I am going to join the Ann Arbor Track Club and start doing track workouts on Tuesdays with them.  I am pretty excited.  Their schedule is here.  Hopefully I'll finally see some improvements in my pace.  I was hoping that the 501 running club would incorporate more intervals and track into their Tuesday workouts, but they seem to do more hills than anything.  That probably is because the Palmer field "track" is under construction, but it still sucks.  The two times I did run interval workouts with 501 it was awesome.  I can't make it to the AATC this Tuesday because I have to work, so I decided to do intervals in my 7 miler on my own today.  I did it outside and just programmed my Garmin for warmup + 6x800m (400m recovery) + cooldown.  It was actually really fun.  Made the 7 miles go by much faster.  I'm sure I technically wasn't running fast enough for 800 meters, but if it is too painful I won't do it, so I need to start accepting "good enough" rather than seeing in black and white (perfect or not worth doing).  Anything that makes me train faster than the 10:20 rut I'm in can't hurt my race times.  My form, cadence, and posture felt unusually good today, like I was just running "right".  Often when I try to run faster I just feel awkward, so that was a big win.  I also did something different and wore my HR monitor today.  I don't really know a lot about heart rate training and zones, so for now it's just numbers, but if anyone has any advice or comments on the heart rate data in the table below, feel free to comment!
The first and last bars are warm-up and cool-down, respectively.
Keep in mind that this was on non-track terrain (in a park), so it wasn't flat and you shouldn't expect exactly equal  repeats.
To start, I am aiming for one structured speed workout per week.  I know I have said that before, but this time I mean it :).  Tempo runs are even more painful, so I probably won't ever do those, but I will try to up the pace and run with some faster people now and then at my group runs.  Since I'm taking tomorrow off running because I'm working, I'll try to run some of Wednesday's 7 miler at an increased pace with the A2Runners group.  The only variable I can't control is my ham-ass.  I thought it couldn't handle speed, so I WAS planning on taking it easy until after the marathon.  It was sore for a week after that 5K I did a couple weeks ago.  But, I'm going to try, and hopefully my ham-ass will let me get away with it.  So far it feels fine after today's workout.  And my quads are sore now, so I'm happy about that (I must've gotten a somewhat decent workout!)

After my run, I went down to the basement and did a 30 min arm & core workout video that I just got.  It sucked.  It uses a resistance band, and I hate those things (they hurt my hands, cause me to make weird jerky motions, and make me smell like latex the rest of the day).  Thankfully it did use some weights too.

And then came the best part of my day.  I tried on these bad boys: 

They are PERFECT!!  They fit like a glove, right out of the box.  Hands down the best shoes I have ever tried on.  Even though I had already run and did a workout video, just putting them on made me want to go run right then.  I compromised and took the dogs for a walk in them instead. :)  They are the Asics 2170.  I have some 2160s, and while I like them, they don't fit right until I break them in really well.  These feel just right already.  *happy sigh*  They make me a little sad that I have a relatively new pair of Asics Foundations that I still need to wear out.  I just want to wear these on every run, every day.  I've been pretty consistent with buying the Asics 21xx line, but none since the 2110 have been this right for me.  Until now!!!  Whoop whoop whoop!!!!  I think I found my shoes for the marathon.  

Maybe there is still time to make it to a sub-10:00 pace for the Detroit full marathon?  I didn't really think it was possible.  At the moment my main goal is to finish, and if possible PR (4:35 or 10:31 mpm), but one day I would really like to run sub-10:00 pace for a marathon.  Then maybe I would feel okay about not doing any more marathons.  Probably not though.  After that I'm sure I would want sub 4:00 finish time, and so on until eventually a BQ.  Runners are dumb like that. 

I also thought of some good things about training for a marathon in the summer.  For one, the ability to spice up long runs by doing them at races.   I had the 10 mile Run Thru Hell last week, I have the Crim 10 mile coming up, and the Milford 30 K (for my 18 miler) as well.  If I really wanted to I could probably find a half-marathon to do instead of a 14 miler somewhere in the schedule.  This week I have to do a 16 and I don't have a race to go with it.  What will I do !?!  I may not even be able to go to the 501 group long run Saturday morning, because I work night shift Saturday night.  I'm going to try to go anyway.  We'll see.  I also like that the cooler temps after training in the summer make your normal paces feel so much easier, which will be a nice boost for the marathon, assuming it's not hot.  I've been saying that I will never train for a fall marathon again because of the pain of the summer heat, but maybe I was wrong.  Maybe it's worth the pain.  I'll make my final conclusion after I see my fall race times at the various distances.

I am SO FRICKIN' EXCITED for fall.  The weather was great today for my run.  Not a sun in the sky :)  And now that I'm serious about doing hard workouts (Hey, I did one!), I'm even more hopeful for a 5K PR this fall.  I'm aiming for the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot at Hudson Mills.  This will be my 3rd year doing it, so it's a nice benchmarking race. 

Random photo of the day: (taken Saturday)
I ate that whole half of a cake by myself within one 24 hr period.  Actually I squeezed in another slice after I took the photo and before the 24 hrs were up.  In case anybody was wondering how somebody can run 30 miles a week and still be a size 12, here's your answer!! 

P.S.  Only TWO more 12 hr day shifts left!!  Tomorrow and Thursday.  (Then 4 weeks of 12 hr night shifts, and then on to 8-hr shifts!!!)  Can you tell I'm excited??


  1. Yay new shoes!!
    Yay two more shifts!!
    Yay fall!!!!

  2. I've had those shoes for about a month now, love them! They're a little lighter and more flexible then the old 2160s and generally all around more awesome! Good to hear the enthusiasm, it's always nice when training goes well...


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