Sunday, August 5, 2012

Electric Bolt 5K Race Report

This post is a week overdue.  This race was actually LAST Sunday.  It took place at a park where I frequently run, which is why I decided to do it.  Luckily, it was on a Sunday, so I was able to my long run Saturday as usual, and then do the 5K the day after.  My sister and her family (husband + baby) were visiting from PA, so she registered for it too.  And of course Irina.  My dad made a surprise visit Saturday evening, so he decided to stay and watch  the race prior to traveling back to PA on his motorcycle.  (In the photos to the right, I'm in blue, my sister is in red.  Hopefully you can figure out which one's my dad and which one's Irina of the two remaining). Jeff didn't do the race because something on him is malfunctioning.  I think a knee.

Did you notice my race number??  42!  The answer to life, the universe, and everything! (Google it if you don't believe me.)  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go directly to your nearest physical or online bookstore and purchase "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams (or find the original radio series mp3's on the interwebs). Funniest. Book. Ever.

Anyway, with a race number like that, it was sure to be a good race!  The weather was amazing (for July), with temps I think in the high 60s or low 70s.  I actually thought MAYBE I might PR since it wasn't hot and the course is pretty flat.  I felt unready though because I haven't done a 5K since May, so I wore my Garmin to help with pacing in case I "forgot" my 5K race pace.  That was probably a bad idea.  The Garmin only ever hurts me at races, it seems.

As for results, no, I didn't PR, but I did get 2nd place out 9 in my age group.  You can see my "winner's glass" in the very first/top picture on the right.   Time 25:16, 8:09 per mile.

My splits were terrible, as they always are for a 5K.  I always start too fast and get progressively slower.  I do fine at starting slow at 10Ks and HMs, but at 5Ks I always do it backwards.  I think I'm just afraid that I'm going to go TOO slow and lose more time than I can make up later, since the 5K is so short.  Next time though, I'm starting slower for sure!  

The race was pretty small, just 175 people finished.  Here's a video my dad took of the start (just 32 seconds).
Notably absent from the start was my sister, who apparently had a baby feeding emergency that she couldn't leave.  I didn't know she came at all, until after I finished and my dad told me.  Apparently she missed the start by a couple minutes so he set her off on her own (15 seconds long): 
This brings me to my one complaint about this race: it was not chip timed.   In a small event, I know it doesn't "really" matter, but I can tell you that I would have been VERY angry if my clock time was just a couple seconds short of a PR (time that wouldn't have counted had the event been chipped).  Really I think all races these days should be chip timed.  I would rather have that than the medals they gave all the finishers.  

This race was unique in several ways.  As I just mentioned, they gave medals to every finisher.  The medals are definitely cool, and I do love them!  They also made the shirts optional.  You could pay extra if you wanted the shirt.  I ended up getting one, but kind of wish I hadn't.  They are a nice design, "tech" material, with no ads, and they're not white.  (I love non-white shirts!).  But it fits me terribly.  I got a medium (unisex), and it looks horrible.  It is long, and baggy everywhere except right on my gut.  (Not a flattering look).  So yeah, I probably won't ever wear it.  Too bad, because it is a nice looking shirt otherwise. 


  1. I'm glad they updated the shirt - last year was a grey cotton tee. Totally never wear although it doesn't sound like this one fits too nicely :) Congrats on the 2nd place finisher glass. I placed here last year and it was the best feeling!

  2. Congrats on the age group award! Sounds like a fun race!


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