Friday, August 3, 2012

One Day Off, One Goal

Yesterday was a very bad day at work.  I won't go into details, but it will suffice to say that I didn't leave there until like 9:15pm.  (I "got off" at 7pm.  Thank goodness we had somebody come let the dogs out around 5pm).  I could have left sooner if I had been more efficient at charting after 7pm, but I really slowed down at 7pm when the pressure came off.  (Plus people kept talking to me.)  This is exactly why I hate 12 hr shifts.  If I could walk out the door every day at 7pm that wouldn't be so bad, but on days like yesterday it is just too long (I get there at 6am and start at 6:30).  I got home dehydrated and exhausted and fearful of the 14 miler I had on the books for today.  I drank as much water as I could and then went to bed.  I decided not to set an alarm, thinking I needed rest more than I needed to wake up early to beat the heat.  (Not sure if that was the best decision.)

I woke up at 6:30 am but still felt tired so I went back to bed.  I didn't wake up again until 10:45 am!  (I went to bed at 11pm so that is almost 12 hrs of sleep) I had only one goal for today: long run.  Unfortunately, it was already hot by the time I woke up, and only getting hotter (high of 94 I think).  The option of waiting until after sundown isn't really viable when you have to be awake at 5am the next day for work.  (It takes me an additional hour or two to wind down and fall asleep after a run because they tend to wake me up). 

I procrastinated on the computer as usual, ate lunch, and by the time I felt awake and ready to run it was 2pm and nearing the hottest part of the day, with lots of high direct sunlight.  I debated trying to run on the treadmill vs toughing it out outside, or some combination thereof.  I would have considered moving the run to another day, but I worked 2 days in a row, have this one day off, and then work 2 more days in a row, so that would be 5 days in a row without running.  No bueno. 

The most appealing (least painful) of the options seemed to me to be to alternate: 3 mile loop outside, 3 on the mill, same 3 outside, 3 on the mill, 1 mile out and 1 mile back outside to finish.  I set up a treadmill/Netflix station in the basement so it would be ready for me after the 3 miles outside:

 Since I had such a nice setup, I decided to start on the treadmill instead.  I put a water bottle in the freezer and laid out my garmin, sunglasses, and ipod so I could head right out after the 3 on the mill.

I started at 6.0 mph, 1% incline.  I decided to watch season 1 of Breaking Bad.  I've never seen a single episode, but I've heard good things.  The first time I got bored and decided to check my progress under the paper towel, it said "1.2 miles".  Shit.  At this point I decreased the pace to 5.9 (10:20), and then a couple miles later decreased it to 5.8 (10:20).  I wasn't out to break any records, and I had to choose a VERY comfortable pace if I was going to be able to pay attention to my shows and make it 14 miles today.  I wish I would've worn my heartrate monitor, because my breathing was very easy and I was curious to see what HR that corresponded to.  I guess I could have gone upstairs to get it, but I didn't really want to break my stride, so to speak.  At some point I decided I would just watch the whole episode and then go outside, rather than stop at 3 miles.  It would only be 4.x anyway.  After the first episode, I took a short walk break for some water and a gatorade chew, and thought about heading out into the heat, but I was afraid I might not start running again after that 3 mile loop.  The heat really drains me.  I decided to push through another episode of Breaking Bad.  Episode 2 was pretty easy, I was warmed up and comfortable, and the mill stayed at 5.8, 1% throughout.  After the 2nd episode I again walked, drank, had a chew, and debated going outside.  This was at about 9 miles I think.  I decided I could push through 2 more miles on the mill and then I would only have 3 left, which I could safely do outside because I wouldn't have to worry about doing anything else after.  So that is what I did, while watching half of Season 1, episode 3 of Breaking Bad.  My right ankle really started bothering me for the final leg.  I haven't had issues with that before.  I hope it's nothing.  When I was done I headed upstairs, had some more water, and headed out for my final 3 miles outside.  My legs felt really funny underneath me after being on the mill for so long.  And I felt kind of dizzy or lightheaded or something as soon as I started; not sure if it was the heat or dehydration (more from yesterday than from the run thus far) or mill-withdrawal or what.  It wasn't enough to be concerning, just definitely weird.  I was ready to be done after 1.5 miles outside.  I definitely made the right choice in saving the outside part for last, and for such a short distance.  I slogged through the last 1.5 miles, and I was done! 

I am so glad that is over, and so proud of myself for going 11 miles on the dreadmill!!  Although, the mill wasn't really that bad once I got going.  The first 5 miles were the worst.  And the last five.  But in between it was totally enjoyable! ;)

I didn't realize how much I have come to depend on 501 for the group long runs.  I don't know how people train for marathons alone.  I can pretty honestly say that I've never done it.  My first marathon I "trained" alone, but I didn't really train (my longest run was a 14 miler) so it doesn't really count.  

I'm a little concerned about how I'll hold up through the rest of this marathon training. I am finally ramping back up in mileage after dropping way down after the DxAA half to nurse my ham-ass.  This week is my first 30 mile week since May, and I definitely feel it.  My ham-ass pain is back and seems to have migrated to just plain ham (middle of the muscle, slightly to the outside), and now today my ankle wasn't feeling good at all.  (I ran in heavy shoes that only have 35 miles on them, so I'm going to blame the ankle on that).  The hamstring pain recurrence I'm attributing to running 4 days in a row Saturday through Tuesday (10 mile group run, 5K race, 6 miles, 7 miles with 2 long hills).  I have to run every day that I don't work if I'm going to hit 4 runs per week (I work three 12s), and the way my schedule fell I had 5 days in a row off.  The only reason I didn't have to run 5 days in a row was because I managed to do a 6 miler on one of the days I woke up early prior to a night shift last week.  I try to schedule myself so I work only 1 day at a time (ie MWF) to accommodate a more consistent running schedule.  R R R R x x R x x is kind of weird. (R=ran, X= off, today is the lonely R amongst x's on either side.)  That was definitely a lot and I was feeling it Monday and Tuesday.  I was hoping the 2 days of rest would be enough to get rid of it, but apparently it wasn't.  Hopefully these next 2 will be, especially since Monday I only have to run 7, so that should be gentler than 14.

Oh, I just registered for the 10 mile Run thru Hell 5 minutes ago.  It's next Saturday.  I had 10 on the schedule anyway, so why not.  It will be a cool shirt to have.  It was only $20, so even if I decide not to do it, that's not so much $$$ to waste.  (I work day shift the day before the race, and I always hate to commit to racing the day after a work day, in case I have a day like I did yesterday).  On the other hand, I'm not planning on "racing" so it should be fine.  It's just going to be a $20 group run with a cool shirt. :)

Detroit Marathon countdown:
  • Only 5 runs left that are longer than today's was. 
  • 350.6 miles until the race. 

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  1. Ty,

    I'll be at Run Thru Hell too with the family. Hope to see you there!


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