Thursday, September 20, 2012

999.4 !!

I wanted to write this post yesterday, after my tempo run.  But I went to bed for a nap at 12:30 am and somehow didn't wake up until 3:30.  PM.  Yes, that's right, I slept for 15 hours.  

I'll cut to the chase.  Yesterday's tempo run was a success.  You may remember that my goal was to run  the middle 5 miles of a 10 mile run between 8:30 and 9:30 minutes/mile, but that I was fully planning on failing miserably, or barely squeaking in at 9:30.  Well, I did it!  Thanks to the lovely runners at my group run, who chatted calmly in front of me as I huffed and puffed hanging on for dear life behind them, I was able to average 8:55 mpm for the middle 5 miles.  (And didn't have a single mile in the 11's, which is a rarity these days).  Woot!  Here is the pace/heartrate graph, as well as the mile splits.  
The spikes down in heart rate were water stops where I paused my Garmin and then restarted running with a lower heart rate.  
Looks like I have a new maximum heart rate!  (196 vs. my previous max of 195).
I actually had like a 20 minute break between the 2.5 mile warmup and the start of the tempo part, because I poorly timed my run and had to wait around for the group to show up.  During that time my nose started running like a faucet and I couldn't stop sneezing.  I guess it's just allergies.  It stopped soon after I restarted running, but resumed again 5 times worse when I was done.  I took a benadryl to try to help with the running nose, but of course that made me drowsy, and that's how I ended up "taking a nap" at midnight (that lasted 15 hours).  Whoops.

I ended up not adding on the extra 0.7 miles to make it to 1000 miles for 2012 yesterday.  I started to, but only made it to 0.1 before I quit.  Hence the title of this post: 999.4!  (miles in 2012).  Of course I ran 4.8 miles today, so that's no longer accurate either, but somehow 999.4 seemed like a better blog title than 1,004.2.  That, and the fact that I wrote the title yesterday before I went into a coma, and it seemed wrong to change it.

As for today's run, it just sucked.  My schedule called for 5 easy, but the route planned for tonight's group run was 6, so I was planning on doing that.  But then we all got lost and went off course and some of the directions were unclear anyway, and I ended up majorly shorting it at 4.8 miles.  I felt sluggish and tired and blah the whole way.

Maybe it has something to do with my diet the past 48 hours.  I have been craving crap like crazy.  Let's take a look back at everything to enter my mouth, starting from the most recent:

Thursday 7:30pm : medium chocolate shake from McDonald's
Thursday 4:30pm: 1/2 appetizer sampler from Denny's (cheese sticks, onion rings, and chicken strips)
Wednesday 11:30pm: chocolate mug cake with frosting, chased by ESM*
Wednesday 8:00pm: an actual healthy dinner of white rice, tofu/vegetable kebabs, and fruit.  Thx Jeff!
Wednesday 4:00pm: Cinnamon melt and coffee from McDonald's.
Wednesday 7:30am: Personal cheese pizza from Pizza House
Wednesday 1:00am: 16 oz chocolate shake from Pizza House
Tuesday 6:00pm : 2 turkey dogs, pasta salad, and green salad, followed by 4 s'mores.

*ESM=emergency soy milk.  Emergency soy milk is the soy milk that comes in the cardboard box that is purchased from a shelf, not from a refrigerator case, because it doesn't have to be refrigerated until opened. I keep a couple in the pantry to use in case of chocolate emergency when we are out of milk in the fridge to wash it down with.

Let's not count up those calories okay?  Hey, I took vitamins.  And a ton of Airborne chewables too, just in case this runny nose is a cold and not allergies.  Those things are really tasty.  So much better than those nasty tablets that you had to dissolve in water and drink.  Blech.

Food police, keep your thoughts to your self.  You eat what you want, I'll eat what I want.

P.S.  Yum  :)

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  1. Yay for 1000! Boo for cold! I'm over the food police too. Ok, McDonalds isn't good for you if you eat it constantly, but if I want to eat it, I don't need to be given a guilt trip for it.


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