Monday, September 24, 2012

Computer Repair

Today is Monday, which seems to have become my interval day.  It sucks because I just paid to join the Ann Arbor Track Club, but they have been doing shorter intervals (400 meters or less), and I should really be doing longer, slower ones for marathon training.  More importantly, the AATC runs on Tuesday evenings, which makes it impossible (or stupid, at least) to run a hard tempo run on Wednesdays.  Why not move the tempo run to Thursday, you ask? Well I run with a fast group Wednesday (A2Runners via, and a slower group Thursday.  It is damn near impossible for me to a run a good tempo workout by myself, and no fun to be the only person running 11 min/miles when everybody else is running sub 9's.  So, Wednesdays are tempo, and Thursdays are easy, and hence I have to skip all the Tuesday group speed or hill workouts with AATC or 501.  

I don't do a very good job of hitting interval paces by myself outside either, so despite the gorgeous fall weather today, I once again opted for the treadmill.  With the structure of an interval workout, and some Netflix to entertain me, it's really not bad at all.  Possibly even enjoyable.  And it fixes the problem I tend to have of starting out too fast when running intervals with the AATC.   

My footpod hasn't arrived yet (it shipped today!), so I still don't have uploadable pace data for you, just heart rate data.  I typed in the speeds I used for each interval, like I did last week.  Last week, I had said I planned on going for 6.9 or 7.0 mph for the fast bits, rather than the 6.7 mph I did then.  I wasn't really feeling fast or motivated at all when I started, so I went with 6.9.  It felt okay, but I still didn't want to commit to 7.0 for the duration, so decided to alternate.  It worked pretty well, and I only had to do two of the repeats at 7.0 mph.  7.0 for the whole thing next week.  Especially since I will be tapering and will probably only do 4 x 1 mile repeats instead of 5.  Using this conversion chart, 6.9 mph @ 1% incline is equivalent to 8:39  min/mile; 7.0 mph @ 1% incline is equivalant to 8:32 min/mile.  Not too shabby.  (For me!)

While on the treadmill, I had to use Jeff's computer to watch TV on Netflix.  When I woke up this afternoon, I came out to find my laptop laying on the floor, probably knocked down by one of the animals.  (Certainly not the first time my laptop has taken a tumble, so I wasn't too concerned.  But when I turned it on, it made an ominous clicking sound and gave me this image when it tried to boot up:
This is the Mac equivalent of the "blue screen of death".  No bueno.  
I did a couple reboots and nothing changed.  I wasn't too upset, because I do frequent backups and the computer is old, so I knew it's time was coming soon.  (I bought it refurbished in 2007).

After my run, I decided I didn't have anything to lose, and that my only chance for it coming back was if I threw it on the floor again, and hopefully unjostled whatever got jostled in the first place.  So I shoved it gently off my lap onto the floor.  It landed not gently at all; very loudly in fact.

Then I tried to turn it on.  Let's just say I am typing this blog entry on MY computer, not Jeff's.  :D  Win.
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