Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy Run Fail

Last night (Thursday) was supposed to be an easy run after Wednesday's tempo run.  I was feeling completely crappy and not in the mood to run at all.  I thought about going out by myself instead of to the group run, but I knew it would just take longer and be even more miserable.  So I went to the group run, foul mood and all.  Stupid me, joined up with people who I knew were not going to be running an "easy" pace for me.  It ended up that I had a great run, and felt so much better afterward.  I kept up a good pace despite running hard the day before, and despite the hilliness of the route.  Of course, it definitely wasn't an "easy" run.  It was more "stamina" pace, or maybe that no-mans-land in between, which I label "Default" in my training log.  Here are the splits.
Judging by my average heart rate, I guess it was "Default", not "Stamina".  I need above 170 bpm for Stamina/tempo.   (Ignore the 198 HR max on the first split.  It always gives me bad readings at the start).  Love the consistency of the splits, excluding the 1 mile "warm-up" slower pace, and the mile 5 which was mostly downhill.  
It's runs like that one which make me feel like MAYBE I could hang on to like a 9:59 pace for the marathon.  I'm not counting on it, but it sure would be cool if I do! My marathon heart rate target is around 165, which is where I was for most of the run yesterday.

It's funny that Thursday was a "Default" run, and Wednesday was "Tempo" in my log, since really the paces were similar:

It's really in the effort and heart rate that you can see the difference.  (And also in the individual splits, since the average paces above include a cooldown after the tempo run).  Compare the average heart rates from Wednesday's  run below, to the Thursday ones up above:

I was pretty excited about my paces this week, compared to the slogging I've had over the past couple months.  Check out my average paces over the past weeks.  One of these things is not like the others!
I know, I know, it's not fair to compare because I still have a 20 miler to add this week which will drag the average pace for the week down, but it's still faster than my previous week's were before their respective long runs.

As excited as I was about having such a great run yesterday, I'm kind of regretting it today.  I'm feeling kind of sore.  And my right ham-ass is a little twinge-y.  Nothing I'm terribly concerned about, but a big part of it healing up and behaving was from me running smart and taking enough rest/easy days between hard workouts.  Now I am terrified that I'm going to screw it up worse on the 20 miler tomorrow.  Thankfully it's all downhill from there (taper time!) so hopefully even if it does flare up, the taper will be restful enough for it to settle down again for the marathon.

Speaking of the 20 miler, is anybody else going to Running Fit's 20 mile training run tomorrow?  Fully supported with aid stations (water, sports drink, Gu), and post-run food.  Cost is $15 for day-of registration for non-501 members.   I'll be there!  I had to change my sleep schedule all around since I usually wake up at 5pm and run in the evening, but luckily I have three nights off so it's doable.  I may just be a zombie tomorrow morning though.

I'll have the same problem at the marathon, but I am using 2 vacation days and arranged it so I have SEVEN nights off around the marathon (5 before, 2 after), so plenty of time to adjust to being awake during the day (hopefully).   I'm going to be so spoiled by all these days off.  I was looking at my calendar, and since I took on-call this past Sunday, that was the first of FIVE weeks where I am only going to be working three 8-hour shifts per week (24 hours per week !?! ).  I am using 2 vacation days next Saturday/Sunday for a wedding, so that makes two 3-day weeks before and after, and the same scenario occurs with the 2 days of vacation I am using for the marathon on the 20/21st.  Five 3 day/24 hr weeks in a row.  Crazy.  I love October!!

In other news, I lost my Hero last night (left it outside Running Fit after the group run and forgot to call the store until this morning, and it was no longer there).  Just the water bottle, not the Buff, but that's because the Buff has already been lost for a while.  So sad.  I'm definitely getting a new one though.  Love that thing.

I also got busted by the mailman this morning; he handed me my mail as I was getting out of the car in my pajama pants after a quick trip to the McDonald's drive-thru.  (I had to make it before breakfast ended!)  The mail that he handed me turned out to be the Garmin Footpod that I had ordered.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to calibrate it today (see earlier comments about inadequate rest this week due to not taking my easy run easy).  It will have to wait until next week.

Today's plan is unfortunately cleaning the house :(.  I guess I better get to it.
(Guilty as charged.  In-laws coming tomorrow.)

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