Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Dance!!

The stars aligned for me tonight.  I was supposed to work Tuesday night and Wednesday night (6:30pm to 7am) with Wednesday night (tonight) being my last 12 hour shift before I change to just 8's.  Then, my plan was to sleep Thursday until my usual 4pm, then run 18 miles, shower, pack, and drive to  Pennsylvania overnight Thursday night for my nephew's 1st birthday party Saturday afternoon.  I was less than looking forward to the 18 miles since they were going to occur from about 5pm-8pm, which isn't exactly the coolest part of the day (it was supposed to be in the 80s).  The only good thing was that I was planning on breaking it up a bit by running 6 miles from my house to Running Fit (taking a scenic/roundabout route), then running 6 miles with the group, and running the 6 miles home.

I ended up getting lucky.  I got a call at about 4pm from work asking if I wanted to take the first 4 hours of the night off, or be on call.  I said "Hell yes!" to the charge nurse and agreed to be on-call.  Score.  And hopefully I would end up getting the last 8 hrs off too, as long as no new patients came in.  Jeff and I went to dinner (breakfast for me) and I packed for PA and then got in the shower planning to go in to work at 10:30pm.  (Despite hoping and checking my phone every 2 minutes I didn't get another call off for the last 8 hours).  This is my first time taking call, so after I got out of the shower (I really didn't want to go in!) I called the unit to make sure they were expecting me at 10:30.  And they weren't!  Apparently the on-call was for the WHOLE shift, not just the first four hours, and I had misunderstood.   Score.  So I immediately decided I would run my 18 miles tonight, instead of waiting for tomorrow afternoon, to avoid the heat, and also to get it out of the way so I could get on the road sooner tomorrow ("today" for those of you that aren't going to sleep 8am-4pm).  I mapped out a 9 mile route that was well lit that I planned on doing twice.  It was the same route that I ran at night Sunday night for a 10 miler, so I was pretty comfortable with it.  

So I suited up and went on my way at about 10:30pm. 
(Sorry it's fuzzy.)   
"Suiting up" entailed my 4 bottle water belt (2 waters and 2 diluted gatorades), a reflective vest, a Halo headband, a headlamp, a reflective hat, a blinking red light (on back), an ID tag on my shoe, two ipods (one for music and one for podcasts and audiobooks), my Garmin (not yet added as of photo), my heart rate monitor, a $20 in case I needed to call a cab, my phone (in case I needed to call a cab, and in case work called) a bandaid, chapstick, and 2 mint chocolate GUs.  Talk about the opposite of minimalist running!  I even opted to wear my Asics Foundations (motion control shoes) instead of my 2170s because my feet were hurting when I wore the 2170s on my 10 miler, and when I put them on tonight they felt a little softer and thinner than I wanted for this run. 

I'm pretty sure no car was going to hit me by accident, but on the other hand, I alerted all the rapists and murderers that I was coming from like a mile away!  Like I said though, I chose a well lit route and wasn't really scared at all.  I went through UM North Campus (there were still lots of students out walking home from studying and waiting for the bus and stuff), and then down by the hospital.  I got passed by multiple public safety and police vehicles.  
The run was pretty uneventful.  I listened to an audiobook the whole time.  After the first 9 miles I stopped back at the house to pee and refill my fluids and then headed right back out (I did the loop backwards the 2nd time to mix it up a bit).  My only complaint is how slow I was.  I keep surprising myself with how slow I'm getting.  I don't really care for a long run, but still, it's strange to see 11, 12, and 13 minute miles on my splits when I'm done.  I think it is partially because of the dark.  I always seem to run slower in the dark, even when I consciously try not to.  I know I wasn't working hard tonight, but usually at that level of effort I'll see 10:30-10:55, not 11:00+.  Whatever.  At this point I have no idea what to expect for the stupid marathon.  

Here are the splits, and plots of elevation & pace, and then heart rate.  

After the run, I showered (again), and then decided to go to Denny's for "lunch" and brought my computer so I could work on my blog and hang out there with the drunks and crazies.  (I am at Denny's as I type this sentence).  Here's my grub, because why not.  
I ate most of it, except most of the lettuce and ranch dressing.   :P
Now I only have ONE RUN longer than today's before the marathon!  (The dreaded 20 miler, in two weeks).  And about 149 training miles.  (Give or take, because I've been really tweaking my schedule a lot).  This was another high mileage stretch the past few days.  36 miles in four days.  But I took three days off for work before that.  So it was 44 miles in 5 days, then 3 days off, then 36 miles in four days, now another lower mileage gap while I go to PA.  Not ideal, but hopefully it works.  

After tonight, I'm not even sure which shoes I'm going to wear for the race.  I wore the 2170s for the 30K, and my Foundations tonight.  Dunno.  I'm thinking I'll probably wear the Foundations again for my 20 miler, and then the 2170s for the race (because they're lighter, and I'm going to be running SO FAST.  Ha.  Not.)  We'll see.  One thing's for sure, I will NOT be wearing my heart rate monitor.  I was right to be afraid to wear it for long runs.  I have some major chafage right below my xyphoid process wear the bulky part of the monitor was sitting.  It hurts.  It was okay during the run but it burned like hell in the shower and is annoying now too.  I even smeared my anti-chafe stick all over that area before I went.  Aargh.

Not only did I not have to go to work tonight, I'm also now done with 12 hr shifts!  Here's to making it to my running groups when I want to,  running as many days a week as I see fit (no more three day gaps of no running), and not having to pay somebody to let my dogs out every time Jeff is out of town.  HAPPY DANCE!!! 

(Kind of a bummer that this came AFTER his trips to Japan and Ireland, and after the bulk of my marathon training, but better late than never!)

Even though I hate my job sometimes, I'm glad I left engineering and became a nurse.  I love working nights, and I love that I can change jobs easily every 1-2 years (if I want to), and do something very different.  And I love the flexibility in scheduling, and the fact that I don't sit at a desk all day.  (I ate a lot when I had a desk job, and had bad back pain from sitting so much).  Oh and that my job doesn't come home with me.  I get paid for the hours I work. And overtime!  Sorry that was random, but I was just thinking about how much I enjoy my nights off alone at weird hours.   

That's all I got...the waitress is sweeping under my booth while I'm sitting here...I think that might be my cue to leave.  Plus it's 5:15 am so I imagine the senior breakfast patrons will be starting to arrive soon.  Good night! 

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