Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marathon Miles

43.6 miles in 5 days.  I was planning on 45.6, but I could only force myself through 8 miles today, instead of the 10 I went out for.  Here's the breakdown:

Sat:   18.6 miles, hilly, at the Milford 30K
Sun:  7 miles "easy"
Mon: rest
Tues: 10 miles including 6x800m w/ 400m jogs
Wed:  8 miles "easy"
Heart rate and pace for Tuesday's 10 miles w/ 800m intervals.  I still suck at intervals.  BUT, this is the 4th week in a row that I've done some kind of interval workout, poorly or not, and I say it still counts.  I also hit a new heart rate max in this workout: 195.  Good to know.  
The Sunday and Wednesday miles are listed as "easy" in quotes, because they weren't easy at all.  There is no such thing as an easy 7+ miler after the workouts I did on Saturday and Tuesday.  Well, at least there isn't for me, yet.  I'm sure this looks like nothing to some of you.  But the Saturday and Tuesday runs were definitely the more enjoyable runs!
I didn't draw this.  Source.  
I dubbed those Sunday and Wednesday miles as "Marathon Miles", because they felt like the last 7 miles of a marathon.  I struggled to get one foot in front of the other, and ended up with average paces around 11:00 mpm.  I'm hoping they count for something.  The reason I packed in so many miles is because I had 7 days off work, followed (starting tomorrow) by three work days in a row (12 hour shifts).  I will not be able to do a legitimate long run this weekend.  My rationale was that sorta-long runs following hard workouts would be kind of equivalent to a long run.  My legs sure agreed with me on that one.  I felt like I was running on wet noodles.  Next weekend I will be in PA, so I'll be doing my long run early on Thursday, so at least it won't be a full 2 weeks between long runs.  It is what it is. My training schedule has been so effed up already thanks to working around 12 hr shifts, this is just the first time I've skipped a whole long run.  I will get in all the miles I was supposed to this week though, assuming I can squeeze in a 7 and a 5 miler on 2 of my 3 workdays.  Here's hoping.

And now for the good news.

Only five 12-hr shifts left before I go to 8-hr night shifts!  This means I can run as far as I want, any day I want.  I can actually follow a training plan correctly, without jumbling everything up to fit my work schedule.
Of course, it's too late to save my marathon training, since this comes just in time for the taper.  BUT, I'm already getting pumped for a spring half marathon, the Rock CF Rivers Half in March in Grosse Isle.  From what I hear, it's pancake flat, and the weather should still be nice and cool in March.  I was diving headfirst into Greg McMillan's articles and learning how to create my perfect training plan, already getting psyched for a whopping PR at this race that isn't even happening for another 6 months.  And then I did something crazy.  I bought a plan from him.  A 20-week plan for $150.  That's right, $150 for a plan, no coaching.  I really think it will be worth it though.  They sent me a lengthy questionnaire asking for all kinds of details about my previous experience, strengths, weaknesses, recent training, races, injuries, everything.  I feel like I wouldn't need this if I had any "real" experience running, like with a coach in high school or college, but I don't.  Just me and the internet.  So this one-time cost (I'll make my own plans in the future), will be well worth it I hope.  And really, it wasn't that much compared to how much I spend on clothes, gear, shoes, and race entry fees.  I hope to be fast one day.  :)  These past few weeks have shown me that I can handle higher mileage and harder workouts, as long as I do the runs in between an an appropriately easy effort.  Which is pretty darn slow, but whatever.
This is what slowing down looks like.  Hoping to see a speed increase again when the temps drop.  
So yeah, I'm pretty freaking excited about my pending new training plan.  I guess not that excited though, or I would be working on that questionnaire rather than watching Breaking Bad.  It will take me a while to do because it's so thorough.  But luckily, I don't need the plan to start until 2 weeks after the marathon, so even giving them 2 weeks to create my plan after I submit my information, I still have plenty of time.

I'm pretty much done writing now, and have no pictures at all in today's post.  So now I'm going to backfill with random images/photos as I see fit.

Done, done, done, and done.

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