Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quality AND Quantity

Today I wanted to run 5 miles, with 3 "tempo" in the middle.  Tempo runs are the hardest for me.  Intervals are easy to push yourself on because you know each repeat will be over pretty quickly, but running at a non-easy pace for any significant time/distance definitely is my biggest weakness.  Using the McMillan terms, I guess that means I lack "stamina".  It is especially hard for me to run any kind of stamina workout alone (vs. in a group).  I am visiting my sister in PA, and there is a park with a nice paved 1 mile flat loop that I just repeated.  Here are the results:
 I'm actually really happy with that. It's a 9:28 average pace overall, 9:08 average for the 3 "fast" miles in the middle.  Even the 9:28 is the fastest non-race average pace I have in my log since mid-July.  (Sad!).  The 9:08 for the fast part is faster than the splits I had on my 5x1000m intervals from a few weeks back.  It was probably hot that day or something, but my point is, I'll take today's run!

I wish I had heart rate data to see if I hit my target of >170 bpm for stamina workouts today, but I didn't bring my monitor with me to PA.  I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway, since my skin is still pretty torn up from the chafing from it from the 18 mile long run Wednesday night.  That long run pace of 11:50 per mile still has me freaked out.  I think that's what motivated me to actually log a real tempo run today.  This week makes the 5th week in a row that I have done an interval workout;  now I just need to get consistent with these tempo runs each week.  I've been really trying to run more quality workouts and have a purpose for each run.  The tempo ones just don't always pan out.

In other news, I reached a new weekly mileage high this week of 41.1 miles.  Of course I've run more than that in a 7 day stretch before, but this is the first time that it's "official" on my Sunday through Saturday calendar week.  Next week will be the same at 41 miles, then 38 miles the following week should bring me to 164.4 miles in September, which will also be a new high for monthly mileage!  Exciting stuff, don't you think?  ;)  I'm surprised I am able to log that much on running only 4 days a week.  (I know this is pretty low mileage as far as marathon training is concerned, but it is more than I have ever done in the past).  
I'll be really interested to see what my 5K and 10K paces look like this fall.  On the one hand, I've got a lot of mileage and more interval workouts than usual on my side.  On the other hand, my legs seem to be getting into a comfortable habit of moving pretty slow, from all the long and slow runs.   I hope I'm at least the same pace as last year (25:00 for a 5K), and haven't slowed down, but I fear that may not be the case.  I don't even have a clue what kind of pace to target for the marathon.  I'm going to leave my Garmin behind and just see what happens.  I will be disappointed for sure if my pace is 11:00 mpm or slower, and probably a little disappointed if I don't PR with at least 10:31 per mile.  I guess I'm aiming for 10:10 to 10:30 min/mile, but who knows.  (My next one after Detroit I am definitely going sub-10:00!)  I'm hoping the taper treats me really well and I'm able to really pick up the pace when the mileage drops and I'm better rested.  Isn't that how that's supposed to work??  

Only 5 weeks until the marathon, and only TWO weeks until the taper starts.  :D 

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  1. Very good work! I haven't even managed 100 miles in a month, so 160 seems massive to me.

    It can be a bit difficult to do well at 5 / 10ks when you're training for a longer distance. I've found that if I don't train "fast", it can be difficult to go fast. On the good side, training longer seems to lessen the last mile fade I often experience in a shorter race.


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