Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Stats (& Strength)

<If you don't want to hear all the data, scroll down for your regularly scheduled programming.>
  • Only 65 miles/3 weeks left until the marathon!  
  • September was my highest mileage month ever, 168.1 miles.

    •  It's only September, and I've already surpassed my annual mileage from 2011. 
    Can you tell I hate hill workouts??
    • Because of the hard effort I put in on my 20 miler, my weekly pace average didn't really get dragged down too much this week.  Plus I did better than usual at my other workouts, too, which resulted in a nice speed increase in my weekly stats:
    I hope I didn't push too hard this week.  I'll back off next week a bit to recover. 
    • I've reached my peak weekly mileage for this marathon (last week), so it's downhill from here!!  
    You can see how the mileage plot has already peaked and started to decline with this week's mileage. 


    I probably should have named this post "Nobody Cares" or "Too Many Numbers" or "Who Gives a F$%&#".  I'll stick with September Stats.  I like my data damn it.  Here are some other comments, so this post isn't all data and charts:

    I found this picture today on the 501 team member photo page, taken by Coach G.  Ouch.  Look sleepy much??  Good thing I have a coffee in hand.  This was actually from pre-summer, so it's not that recent, but I didn't see it until today.  

    Jeff is building me a pull-up bar tomorrow.  I'm going to really focus on building strength after the marathon.  I was going to start this past Friday, but after I ran too hard on Thursday's "supposed-to-be-easy-but-wasn't" run, I decided I better take a full rest day before the 20 miler Saturday.  Good thing I did.  I'm still working on my goal of doing 10 real pushups (not on my knees).   So far I've improved from 0-1 at the start, to 4 the last time I tried.  I'm adding in a pull-up goal.  My goal is 1.  1 pull-up.  Ha.  I'll increase the goal if I'm able to hit that one.  

    I'm just going to do some basic strength exercises twice a week.  Nothing major.  Here's my plan: 

    I know some of those exercise descriptions probably are meaningless, so here are the two sources if you want better descriptions.  Source 1.  Source 2.  

    Obviously I can't do 2x15 pushups or pullups.  My plan is to do as many as I can legitimately, and then finish out the set in a modified fashion.  Like by moving the ball closer to my torso or dropping to my knees for the pushups, or using a chair to reduce the weight on the pullups.  

    So yeah.  I'll try to do that for at least 6 weeks, then I'll probably be bored and I'll find a new plan. 

    Or, more realistically, I'll never start, or do this like once every 6 weeks.  Just keeping it honest. 

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