Monday, September 17, 2012

So many days!

I'm back from PA and starting my first week of 8 hour night shifts.  It's crazy how much time I have.  Those four hours make such a huge difference.  I want to stick with running 4 days a week because I am actually feeling great, loving running, and most importantly UNINJURED.  It's going to be really hard though, to not increase to 5 days of running with all the available time in the evenings.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to log 5 days this week, because of the way my running groups are falling in relation to the workouts I want to do.  Basically I'm just going to add a 3 mile easy run tomorrow I think, to prevent a 2-day running gap.  So the week will look like this:

Sunday- 10 miles with 5x1 mile w/ 800 jogs;
Monday- strength/XT;
Tuesday- 3 mi easy;
Wednesday- 10 miles with 5 miles fast w/ A2Runners group;
Thursday- 5 mi easy w/ 501 group;
Friday- strength/XT;
Saturday- 16 miles

That will bring me to 44 miles this week, and it kind of seems like nothing looking at it, despite it being my highest mileage week on this training schedule, and at least as far back as my records go, my highest mileage week ever.  Weird.
Saw this on facebook and had to share.    :)
Last night I did my 10 mile with 1 mile repeats on the treadmill at around midnight.  It went really fast and was pretty fun.  I'm starting to like all this fast running.  Breaks up the monotony of higher mileage weeks if you're running all the miles at the same old slow pace.  I set up my computer and watched Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix (I didn't start watching until several seasons in, and I have heard that the first couple were the best).  I was pretty conservative in choosing my interval and recovery paces, because I wanted to make sure I could maintain it for the whole workout, and this was my first time doing 5x1 mile (I have done just 3 and 4 repeats in previous workouts).  Doing intervals on the treadmill is really nice because you can't accidentally slow down when you start to get tired.  If you're going to slow down, you have to make the decision and press the button.  I think I'll do the same workout on the treadmill next week, and just try a faster pace.  Here's the data (sort of) from the workout):
I don't have a footpod for my Garmin, so all I have to upload is my heart rate data. Then I just labeled the paces at the corresponding heart rates.  There is one notch (heart rate drop) in the 5th and final interval that was when my Netflix went to sleep and I had to pause the treadmill so I could press play on the computer.  There wasn't room to label it on the graph :).  I left the treadmill at 1% incline for the whole workout.  According to this conversion table, that means I ran the equivalent of 10:43 mpm for the warm-up, 8:53 mpm for the fast intervals, and 11:31 mpm for the recovery intervals.  Next week I'll try for 6.9 mph or 7.0 mph at 1% incline (8:39 or 8:32 mpm), which is about equivalent to what my 10K pace was last fall (8:34 mpm).  If you remember from my heart rate post, I should be going for a heart rate of 180 or higher for speed workouts, and I didn't really make that until the very end, and even then just barely.  But I was solidly in the 170s (stamina range), so it surely did me some good.  And I'll take maintaining my pace over hitting my heart rate goals but having to slow down.  Plus it was actually a really enjoyable run.  :)

Anyway, labeling that graph was a waste of time.  I'm thinking I should get a footpod so I have uploadable data when I workout indoors.  When I bought my Garmin, I didn't get the bundle (watch + HR monitor + footpod), I just got the watch, because I didn't think I would use the other things.  Since then, I've bought the heart rate monitor separately, and am now wishing I had the foot pod.  Between indoor track workouts with AATC this winter, and treadmill workouts on my own, I'm sure I'll eventually cave in and buy one.  Oh, and it will be nice to have at the Detroit Marathon when I go through the tunnel.  (I know I said I'm not wearing my Garmin to the marathon, but I really want it for post-race data, so I might wear it and just not look at it.  If my willpower is strong enough).  I should have just bought the stupid bundle.  Definitely would have been much cheaper that way!

Another thing that has been on my mind recently (especially with all the extra days/hours I have for training!) is a triathlon.  The thought of an Ironman sounds especially enticing and bad-ass.  There are a couple of things keeping me away though.  Cost and fear.  I would have to pay for a new bike, and for a membership to a gym with a pool, and likely for some kind of swim training/coaching.  The fear is basically a fear of death.  I hate biking on the roads.  Drivers are idiots.  I also have never ridden on a road bike, and the super thin slippery tires scare me.  As do clipping my feet into pedals.  Also every time I see a triathlon the swim part and each of the transitions always look like total chaos.  I feel like I would have a a panic attack with all the people everywhere.  On the other hand, I really like the idea of all the variety in training, I feel like it would be great for preventing injury and improving overall fitness.  And I really feel like I could pull off even Ironman training now that I'm back on 8 hr shifts.   So we'll see.  I think perhaps to start, I'll buy a light, narrow-tired hybrid bike with shoe clips and start riding it to work.  That will be expensive.  Maybe after I pay off my car.  Ugh.  Can't I win the lottery??

Is anybody else excited for fall TV?  Glee and Parenthood premiered last week, tonight Bones is on, and I'm not sure when Grey's and Private Practice are starting, but it must be soon!  What shows are you watching this fall?

Today, in the glorious 4 extra hours I had after waking up and before going in to work (starting at 10:30pm instead of 6:30pm), I got to eat dinner at Panera with Jeff, take the dogs each for a bike ride, do some strength training, write a blog post, and watch Bones.  I contemplated doing an easy 3 mile run too.  This is amazing.  So worth giving up a day off.  (Oh, work just called to see if I wanted to stay home tonight!  I said no.  It was hard.)

And here's one more random funny for you:
Saw this on facebook too.  Had to laugh, because that is exactly why I started this blog and my twitter account.  So I could share and overanalyze my running (or at least feel like I am, not sure if anybody actually reads it!) without driving my friends crazy, both in person and on facebook.  I have to make a conscious effort to NOT post running comments on facebook and route them to twitter instead.  I do post race photos on facebook, so it still ends up looking like my entire wall is about running.  Oh well.  I tried.  

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