Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gangrenous Toe Cancer

What the eff. 

I never have foot problems.  I have never lost a toenail or had a black toenail.  I rarely get blisters.  But, it's five days before the marathon, and the marathon gods hate me for some reason, and so of course I have a problem. 

I have gangrenous toe cancer.  I'm a nurse, I would know. 

Seriously though, I was on a 4 mile run yesterday and I noticed my right big toe really hurting.  I was like, "great, I have a broken or sprained toe".  Figures.  I got home and squeezed it and moved it all different ways and discovered it was definitely not broken or sprained, it was actually the nail causing all the pain. 

I've never had an ingrown nail, but it feels kind of like I think that that would, like the outer upper corner is digging in to the skin or something.  But it doesn't look ingrown.  It looks fine.  Except for the fact that it's bright pink. 
Not my toe......yet?!?!
I was cleaning and inspecting it in the shower and noticed a dog hair stuck to it, so I pulled that off, but it felt like it was actually IN, like I pulled it out from behind the nail, actually embedded in the skin.  It hurt.  So I'm thinking that was the cause?  How the hell does a dog hair make it's way into my nail bed?  It's a hair, not a porcupine quill.  And now I guess I have some kind of infection.  Mother f#&$er. 

I cleaned it, and soaked it in peroxide (which was expired, so who knows if it was even peroxide anymore), then used some alcohol swabs on it for good measure, then put some neosporine on it (also expired, fuck), and a bandaid.  Then I had to go to work (last night, now I have 7 off, woot!).  And it hurt.  It hurt when I was sitting, let alone walking. 

After work I went to the pharmacy and got epsom salts and I'm soaking it in that now.  Not sure what else to do.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for a routine physical (required annually by my insurance), so I guess I'll her opinion then.  Maybe an antibiotic is in order.  Of course then I'll probably end up with diarrhea just in time for the race. 

The toe will  probably be fine by race day even if I do nothing.  Right?  Please let me be right.  It's not like it's a show-stopper or anything, but it sure could make those 26.2 miles a lot less enjoyable.  Dreading every step 2/2 pain does not make a fun race. 


  1. I'm sure you'll be fine come marathon day. Just keep doing what you are doing. If not, I'm sure it will go numb come mile 10 and you'll finish strong. Let's just hope that it doesn't look like that at the end of the marathon!..... Ouch!

  2. That picture has me speechless. Never seen anything quite like that before. Glad it's not yours.


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