Monday, October 8, 2012


I learned a cool trick with my ipod shuffle yesterday.

I love the shuffle because it is so small and easy to clip anywhere when you run.  You also don't have to deal with touch screens or sensitive roll wheel things or anything like that.  What I didn't love about it was that it was hard to pick a specific song that you wanted to hear.  I have even carried TWO players at once (my shuffle and my nano) so that I could have more control.  (I had an audiobook on the nano because I knew I wouldn't want to listen to it the whole time, but also didn't want to lose my place every time I left and came back to it).  In my current situation, I am being very selective about what songs to add to my marathon playlist, and having a hard time coming up with enough tunes to fill the time, because I didn't want to put on so-so songs and end up skipping songs a lot if they weren't "hitting the spot".

Well, it turns out I'm saved!  Jeff accidentally discovered that the shuffle has the feature of choosing between multiple playlists.  I thought that if you synced multiple playlists to it, it just shuffled them all up together.  (This explains why the few times I have had two playlists on it, I didn't seem to be hearing all the songs!!).  There's a small button at the top (the "voice-over" button that tells you what song is playing if you hit it once), that if you hold it down for a second or two, starts naming off the playlists that you have loaded.  Then you can hit the same button again after it says the playlist that you want, and it will play only songs from that playlist.  This is great!  This means that I can be less picky about what songs to load (in a longer, generic marathon playlist), and then when I'm in a real funk and in need of a pick me up, I can switch over to a shorter playlist with all my current get-your-ass-in-gear songs that really motivate me.  Score.

One of these days I'll learn my lesson and read the instruction manuals that come with electronics, so I can actually make use of cool features like that before I've had it for two years.

I'm still searching for new running music (I wear out the good songs pretty quickly by repeating them too much!), so if you have any tips, please provide them in the comments!

Here are some of my current faves (in no particular order):

Glee Cast (ft Kate Hudson): Americano/Dance Again Mash-up.     
I love Glee music to run to.  It helps to have the visual performance to recall when I'm running.    (Although,  normal music videos don't have the same effect.  In fact, I tend to avoid watching music videos of my favorite songs because I usually find the video or the singer annoying and it ruins the song for me.)

Imagine Dragons - It's Time
It's all about the chorus in this one.  I love the song as a whole, but the chorus just hits hard and fast and makes me run better.  And it's so addictive.  This is one example of a song that I actually prefer the original to the Glee version :).  (Blaine/Darren Criss performed the song this season). 

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back
Okay, this one's kind of embarrassing.  This song is so freakin' annoying.  But the "grunting" (is that what she does??) gives me a pick-me-up for some reason.  At least it has been.  It's gradually creeping up the annoying-meter and down the motivational-meter.  Hopefully I can hang on to it until the marathon, since my list of real go-get-em songs is painfully short. 

Glee Cast - The Scientist
This one's slower than you'd think would be helpful, but a good emotional song can work just as well.  This one really brings it home from 2:05 or so to the end.  Plus, "Nobody said it was easy" seems pretty fitting line for a marathon....

Go Periscope - Rollin' With the Dead
This is probably my longest lasting running tune....ever.  It's been on my all-star list since like....Summer 2011 I think?  I usually get sick of songs long before that (like, in a month).  It's starting to lose some of the power it had for me at first, but it's still a goodie. 

What are your go-to running tunes?  Hook a girl up!!  I listen to just about anything.  I have country, rap, and electronic all on my running playlist, in addition to the pop and Glee covers :).  Oh, and I think I have some tunes from like the Disney channel and Nickelodeon's preteen shows.  Ha.  I don't discriminate.  Oh, and there's that song from the Weber Grill commercial of course.  

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  1. I love the Weber grill song. It's on my shuffle. I use the separate playlist all the time. I never race with music - even the marathon.


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