Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The only bad thing about working night shift is that sometimes you have to do something during the day.  Such as a marathon, for example.  Rather than stay up all night as usual, and then run a marathon when I would normally go to bed, I opted to switch my sleep schedule around.  (Normal sleep is 8am to 4pm).  Since I have to switch anyway, I figured I'd just go for the gold and make my sleep like 7pm-3am, so I'll have no trouble getting up early and getting breakfast before the race on Sunday.  So yesterday after work I stayed up until 11am, then went to bed and set the alarm for 2pm.  The purpose was so that I'd be tired enough enough to go sleep again in the evening.  So this is what I felt like yesterday:
Dark circles and veins added for dramatic effect, courtesy of, which is amazing and fun.  Check out their Halloween edits if you want to waste some time !
I couldn't get through it with coffee because it would probably make me too awake to sleep at night.  Of course, that was a problem anyway, because no matter how little sleep I get, I always get a second wind around 10pm (that's what time I normally go to work).   I took a benadryl to help me fall asleep at 10:30pm.  I didn't set the alarm, but I was thinking I'd probably wake up at 3 or 4am naturally, and I did!  Now one more hard day of staying awake (I still feel tired), but I'll have time to have some coffee help today, so it should be fine.  I'll try to go to bed early tonight, at 7 or 8pm, and keep getting up at 3 or 4 am each day leading up to the marathon.  Yay.  Then I have to go back to work Tuesday night on the night shift, but converting back to nights is never as hard. 

And now for some great news.  My toe is going to be fine.  It's already improved dramatically.  The first night it would hurt if I bumped it on the mattress while I was sleeping, last night I didn't even notice it.  I don't notice when I'm walking around now either.  Only if I angle my toe a certain way and press it onto the floor specifically trying to "test it" do I notice it all, and even then I wouldn't call it pain.  So yay.  Thank god for immune systems and epsom salts.  That gave me a good scare.

Today's plan: expanding my marathon playlist, and making scary photos in PicMonkey, for no discernible purpose.  Oh and I'm going to run.  4 mi w/ 2x1600 w/ 800 jogs.  That might be my last pre-marathon run.  I had an easy 3 on the schedule for Friday, but I might not do that.   But!

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