Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's Run [Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very bad....]

Ugh.  I don't know what happened today.  I woke up not really feeling like running, but that's not uncommon, (I said the same thing last Monday) so I went ahead and set up my treadmill for the exact same workout I did last week.  (6 mi w/ 3x1600 w/ 800m jogs, at the same paces as before: 5.7 mph warmup, 7.0 mph fast parts, 5.1 mph recovery jogs).  Last week I wasn't really feeling it, but I tried it and it went fine.  It was downright easy, as far as interval workouts go.  My heart rate went nowhere, compared to how high it usually gets on interval workouts.

Well, today.....not so much.  I muscled through the first mile, but it was hard.  I figured the second fast mile would be easier.  It wasn't.  My TV episode ended right before the end of the second fast mile, and the next one didn't automatically start because it was the last one of the season, so I paused the treadmill after the second fast mile (which was even more painful than the first) so I could start the next episode.  The second I stopped running my hearing got all dampened and I felt like I was going to puke, pass-out, or both.  I tried to walk it off, and then picked up an easy jog again, but I just couldn't recover.  The thought of increasing the speed again for the third interval just seemed stupid.  I ended up getting off the treadmill completely (at 4 miles) and decided to try an easy jog outside for the last 2 miles.  The cool air felt good, but I still struggled to hang on to 11:00 min/mile.  Something was definitely not right.  I have no idea what though.
Today's run above, last week's run below (same settings on the mill).  Today my heart rate crossed 180 on the first interval, and 190 on the second.  Last week I never even crossed 180, not even on the third interval.  
I probably just would have aborted the run completely when I started feeling sick, but I already adjusted the schedule down.  I had 8 miles on the schedule, and decided the other day to mark it down to 6 (it seemed like a lot for a midweek run during the taper).  I also dropped my Saturday run this past weekend from 14 miles to 12 miles for the same reason.  It seemed like most training plans do 12 miles two weeks out, so I decided to do that too.  

What if race day is like this??  I'll end up somewhere over 5 or 6 hrs!  I want to undo everything I said about the 9:59 min/mile "A" goal.  There's no way that's going to happen.  Can I unring the bell??  The whole time during this training cycle I kept saying I wasn't doing higher mileage weeks (I maxed out at 45 miles) because I wasn't going to "race" the marathon; it was just going to be a long run and I was doing it to finish.  And then all of a sudden after a phenomenal 20 miler I for some reason decided I should run it for a time.  Stupid.  It's so easy to do well on a training run like that because there is nothing to lose.  It was a race atmosphere (people around, bibs, a time clock, aid stations) but without the worry of saving anything for later.  (Who cares if I ran out of steam and had to walk?).  I won't be able to recreate that on race day.

I am the most prepared that I have ever been for a marathon, but that isn't saying much.  The fact is that I am still probably underprepared compared to what I "should" have done.  So now what?  I don't know.  I guess there's no sense making predictions, when I could end up feeling like I did today on race  day.  I think I'll still cross the line behind the 4:30 pacer, but if the 10:18 pace doesn't feel easy, I may be dropping it back to 10:30 right off the bat.  Hopefully I won't have to start slower than that, but I will if it doesn't feel easy.

I did decide what shoes to wear at least.
I'm going with the pink/white Foundations.  
Countdown to hell:
  • 13 days
  • 6 work days
  • 6 runs
  • 0 double digit runs!
  • 30 miles

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  1. Bad runs happen, don't worry too much about it! At this point you just have to trust in your training and get to race day. I hope it goes well for you!


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