Saturday, November 17, 2012


I finally had a good run today.  ('Good' meaning it felt natural and fun).  It was because of some combination of the following, I think:
  • Sunlight.  It's been awhile since I've run in sunlight. 
  • Group.  I went to the Saturday group run, which has the best turnout of any of the groups I attend. 
  • Distance.  I ran 7.2 miles, which is more than I have been doing.  It usually takes me 3 miles to warmup and get into a groove, so it could be that I was just stopping before the run could get fun these past couple weeks. 
Not going to win any awards for even pacing on this run!! Of course, the average pace over the entire distance was 10:16.  The same as Thursday.  The same as my marathon pace at Detroit.  The same as my overall average over all the miles I have logged since 2010.  10:16 is the magic number.
Of course now my sleep is all messed up because I stayed up late yesterday so I could sleep in last night so I wouldn't have trouble staying up this morning for the run.  I'm thinking about making it a "permanent" switch for the winter and sleeping from 1pm-9pm every day instead of 9am-5pm.  Then I would run in daylight in the morning, rather than in the dark at 6pm or later.  I hate to commit to running after work though.  If it's a bad night where I get dehydrated and tired, it's damn near impossible to get out for a run after.  Still undecided.  There are ups and downs to both ways.

Today's run pushed me over my 2012 mileage goal of 1200 miles for the year.  That makes a whopping TWO of my 2012 goals achieved.  It's better than none.  :)   If I stick to my schedule, it looks like I should be at about 1350 at the end of the year.  Not sure if I'll be setting a higher mileage goal than that for next year or not.  This felt pretty good, so I'll probably stick with the 1300 range for next year too.

I tried two new running songs today for the first time, and both were huge successes:

   The Script ft., "Hall of Fame".  Stuck in my head as I'm typing this.  Repeated several times in a row during this run. :)

Ed Sheeran, "A-Team".  Sounds slow, but it's got a really steady background beat and ended up being a great running song.  And it's pretty.   Just listened to it now and made me wish I was still running. 

Stride found.  Thanks to sunlight, people, distance, and music.  Can't wait to run again.  For now though, I'll settle for another episode or two of White Collar before bed.  :)


  1. Daylight makes a big difference. I look forward to my weekend run because of light and running buddy.

  2. Great job on pushing through your mileage goal early!

  3. Nice job!

    My mileage goal will be one that I will not be meeting this year...


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