Thursday, November 15, 2012

Searching for my Stride

Running has been kind of sucking.  The more I run recently, the happier I am with my marathon time on 10/21, and with my 5K time on 11/10.  The only runs that are feeling comfortable to me right now are at about a 10:55/mile pace.  Given that, I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to pull out an 8:13 pace at the 5K last weekend, and the 10:16 pace at the marathon.  I ran 5 miles tonight and the average pace of 10:16, and it wasn't easy.  There is no way in hell I could have continued that for 21 miles more.
The hills made this run not-so-easy at all. 
I'm accepting the slow-down, but what's really bugging me is that running is just feeling awkward.  Like I don't know "how" to do it anymore.  I'm futzing with my cadence, my stride length, my posture.... none of it feels right.  I guess I'll just ride it out; keep logging the miles.  I'm sure it's just a rough patch.

I went to the Thursday group run tonight, and am going to try to go to the Saturday morning group long run this weekend.  It's been a long time since I've been to a Saturday run.  My "long" run is 7 miles this weekend, which sounds like nothing, but it will actually be longest since the marathon.  I'm hoping that I'll find my groove during a longer run.  Maybe the shorter distances are the reason I haven't been able to find my stride.

I can tell you what I have been enjoying though.  White Collar on Netflix.  I've been spending way too much time watching it.  I think the plot is great (like a TV series combo of Ocean's 11 or the Italian Job and Catch Me If You Can, if you've seen those movies), but there's another reason I'm loving it.
Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey on White Collar
 Now THAT is some quality television.

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  1. Ty - stop thinking so much. You're not on any training schedules so get out there, run, and don't think. And don't worry about your pace. You might find you actually enjoy it.


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